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    Hi there folks,

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a
    respecable company who offer reasonable, well, cheap if I'm honest
    Web hosting.
    Initially for a small 1 page site with a few mps's on but eventually
    expanding into a full site (about 5 or 6 pages, nothing too large).

    any helpfull suggestions will be most helpfull
    Thanks in advance.


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    Sermad may have a better idea, but are pretty good for small sites... only approx £20 a year.
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      Thanks Martin,
      After chatting with Manzo he told me to be carefull
      with the MP3's, if I exceed my bandwidth I might face a heavy fine,
      (is that what happened with sermad on this site?)

      So does anyone have any suggestions on a company
      that simply shuts down the Site, rather than dishing out a fine?
      (I've checked fasthosts and I can't find any terms and coditions)

      Sorry to be a bit vauge, but I've never done this before
      and I know some of you guys are sh1t hot with this sorta thing!

      Thanks again.



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        I use Lunarpages in California. When we exceeded bandwidth (badly) last September, they pulled the site rather than surcharging us. We got a pretty good deal with it, too, though I can't remember what exactly (Mr Helpful).

        They're really shit hot at asnwering queries, too, whatever the time of day or night (given the eight hour time difference). Never waited more than 30 minutes for a reply to anything.


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          Dont use fasthosts. If they see mp3's on your site they ban your site no questions asked.

          I LOVE these guys.

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            Cheers Sermad... I have a couple on my wifes space, so will get those deleted... I might try out the pixelnet people myself.
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              I love these guys. Unlimted bandwidth, fast servers, great service, cheap plus they just double the amont of webspace I had to 300 megs for gratis.



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                Cheers fellas!

                Can get back to talkin about music now


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                  Alan from 3dpixelnet <<

                  Obviously we host this site but what Sermad forgets to tell you is that vinylvulture gets a free month's hosting for anyone referred to 3dpixelnet by this site. I noticed you have a strong community here and so it's a kind of donation.

                  Sorry Sermad, I didn't think you knew and I was perusing the server logs over my morning coffee


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                    I use for I have lots of soundclips etc and have gone for there £3 a month package. I don;t know what would happen if I blew the 5GB bandwidth limit but I never have
                    My Mixcloud