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  • The Mouse Must Die!

    Anyone got any tips on the best vermin removing techniques. I have a little critter that's taken up residence next to the plastic pile. I want to encourage him/her/them to move on (to vermin valhalla if necessary). I've locked the cat in the room, he usually kills anything, but his feline manhood has been bought into question by a single lack of success.

    More sensitive souls amongst you may wish to discuss the ethical question of -' A mouse is threatening to chew it's way through your vinyl collection - does it deserve to die or is all life precious'
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    Bottleneck traps do work with the right bait (the obvious things...cheese, bread etc) and allow you to get rid of the rodent without bloodshed.

    That said, the mere presence of cats (even ones who couldn't catch cold) usually ensure mice come nowhere near the place, so you might be dealing with some kind of adrenalin junkie, extreme sports mouse...
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      Seems supermouse is after some man on mouse action...
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        Drug some onions.

        Works every time.
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          Thank you Mr Townsend, but how do you drug an onion and not get arrested?
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            After many mice i found this to work way better than a trap

            Get an old trainer/sneaker box...poke a mouse size hole in it....have a bit of news paper ready to bung up the hole....Mice leave a scented trail which is usually along the side of the wall so put the box near the side of the wall with the hole exposed....try putting it near the door as usually the trails will lead out of the for the hard bit....just wait....eventually the mouse will get an urge to get out the room...(right now it's too scared to come out of hiding because of the cat)'ll follow it's trail to the door and be confronted with the box....once it sniffs it a bit it'll see the hole....get curious...and get in the box....then you should dive toward the box and bung up the hole and hey trappped mouse....THEN YOU WILL RELEASE IT UNHARMED

            Try and do it quite away from your house...and remember to clean the skirting boards and wipe away the mouse scent (piss) or you might attract more
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              Short of hiring Christopher Walken (see above film - worth watching ONLY for Walken, then switching off when he departs to save you enduring any more Lee Evans), I'd say get a decent trap (humane if poss) and bait it with CHOCOLATE. Works EVERY time. Mice cannot resist a bit of choc.

              We live in farmland, so we're inundated with mice. We have four cats, but even they can't prevent the odd escapee. And they do tend to bring a few home that aren't quite dead and then proceed to lose interest while said rodent disappears behind the tumble dryer to recuperate (or die as I discovered on Thursday night - three of 'em and Christ did it smell!).

              Anyway, trap + chocolate = rodent captured.
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                Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo
                I'd say get a decent trap (humane if poss) and bait it with CHOCOLATE. Works EVERY time. Mice cannot resist a bit of choc.
                Second the chocolate bait tip!

                We used to put chocolate in a milk bottle, the mouse climbs in, eats choc,
                can't get out, in the morning feed it to your cat! let him get a taste for mice
                thus enableing him to guard your record collection from mice! (sorry i ment to say, set it free in the morn)

                happy huntin