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  • Byker Groove!

    Good grief, I do feel most unwell..

    But what a great weekend! Wonderful to finally put some faces to some otherwise familiar vultures, and what a splendid bunch of righteous dudes you all are too.

    Thanks to Sie, Sayers and all for organising yet another fine mess!

    Oh, and some great music too! Might follow up with a tracklisting when I get my poor head back together..
    Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...

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    Mr Sayers informs me it was very good. He's even been carbooting today with Towny (that's true dedication!)
    "Don't get involved in the f**kin' chat pages. It's just full of arseholes talkin' sh*te non-stop"


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      Had a great time, I can't believe I managed to play pool (and win )
      the state i was in!

      Great to put faces to names, even though I was introducing myself to
      the locals as, Chris..... scriptfliper, much to their bemusement
      How did you all do in the nightclub??

      Great music! can't really remember peoples tunes but our james
      has the CD's, looking forward to hearing them.
      (not sure about mine, I was convinced i could here the record i was cueing
      up through the monitor, I mentioned it to James this morning and
      he said the crossfader didn't work! )

      Cheers to everyone involved!


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        I am shattered!

        A cracking weekend, though I must apologise, once more, to anyone caught up in one of my rants! What can I say - it was a "zero tolerance" weekend. But Star Wars III *was*shit...

        It was great meeting everyone, and I particularly enjoyed walking the streets of Newcastle even more so when we actually got the directions right...

        Tracks I played:

        Blackanized ft MC Mello - Ham n' Cheese
        Jerry Beaks ft Sense Live - Hungry
        Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brother (Stereo MC's Mix)
        Rahzel - All I Know
        Gunshot - Colour Code (Melanin Vocal Mix)
        Gutter Snypes - Who Fell
        Hero No.7 - Cut-up Party Tune 201

        I have already forgotten virtually everything that everyone else played! Any chance I could get a copy of the CDs you burnt?

        So, where and when's the next one?
        Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
        Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...


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          My heid hurts

          What a top night - cool tunes, top geezers and waaay too much beer!

          Cheers to Mr Sayers for sorting it all out. I'll post up a trackie once I'm better
          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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            Mo pics
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              Nice to meet everyone - a top weekender!

              Hey, Manzo:

              new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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                At the risk of repeating what everyone else has said, it was great to put some more faces to names and catch up with all the faces which were put to names at previous meets. Big thanks to Mr Sayers, top night...

                Playlist went something like this:

                All Dyrections "On Top Of It" (Buddah 45)
                Honey & the Bees "Love Addict" (Arctic 45)
                Soul Explosion "Itching" (Jazzman test press LP)
                Calvin Owens Show "The Cat" (Klondike 45)
                The Dave Pike Set "Got The Feelin'" (Relax LP)
                Quantic Soul Orchestra "Hold On Tight" (Tru Thoughts 45)
                Christy "Deep Down" (Theme from "Diabolik") (Parade 45)
                Jacqueline Taieb "7 a.m." (Fontana 45)
                Shuggie Otis "Strawberry Letter 23" (Epic 45)
                John Barry "This Is How We Dance" (HMV Victor 45)
                Eddie Warner "Night Fight" (Illustration Musicale LP)
                Club stuff:




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                  Originally posted by Col Wolfe
                  Nice to meet everyone - a top weekender!

                  Hey, Manzo:

                  I don't know what you're going on about...

                  Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
                  Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...


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                    Ditto everyone, superb to meet you all, it all makes a little more sense now but not much sense present in me heed right now Cheers Craig and evryone else for the cracking weekend ! (How's the SL1300 !?)

                    Fantastic tunes from everyone -

                    My messy effort goes summik like this (I think...................)

                    The Bad Boys - Love
                    The Persuaders - Love gonna pack up (and walk out)
                    Freddie McGregor - Natural Collie
                    Alvin Robinson - Down home girl
                    Omega - Ismertem Egy Lanyt
                    Jade - Paper man
                    Bangor flying Circus - Norwegian Wood
                    Michel Legrand - Elle a.... Elle a pas...
                    Billy Wade & the Third degrees - Tear it up pt.1

                    and special guest - LENSOR

                    Whens the next !!!!!??????


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                      Sie V makes a new friend:

                      Outside Curtis Mayfield House:

                      Normal Northern Nerdage in action:
                      new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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                        pleased everyone had a good time! i had a great time too!!!

                        nice to put names to faces etc! hope i got to speak to most of you before i got too drunk, and talked a load of crap!!!

                        big thanks to sie, gibby and james (and of couse everyone who was playing etc). thanks lee mate for the 45 its a great track, im feelin it...

                        the deck works towny mate, im well happy with it, just need another one now!

                        i cant wait to check the stuff y'all were playing properly. i let y'all know when james has copied the cd's....

                        cheers craig...
                        "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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                          Ditto, etc., etc. Cheers to Craig and all the local crew for organising such a cracking weekend (and Hayd for getting us there). Loads of great music and top blokes one and all. I couldn't believe how quickly Sunday night flew by...

                          My selection (all on 45)...

                          Black Cats 'Marcella' (S&G)
                          Manfred Mann 'Sweet Pea' (Fontana)
                          Brian Burd 'Fever' (Vogue)
                          Marlboro Goes Pop 'Top Your Night...' (Soundell)
                          Tony Newman 'Soul Thing' (Decca)
                          Dynastie Crisis 'Faust 72' (EMI)
                          Francois De Roubaix 'Astralement Votre' (Barclay)
                          Ruby Andrews 'You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)' (Zodiac)
                          Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, And Durr 'A World Without You' (Capsoul)
                          Rhetta Hughes 'You're Doing It With Her (When It Should Be Me)' (Tetragrammaton)
                          Merry Clayton 'Good Girls' (Ode)
                          Mike Berry 'Dial My Number' Polydor

                          Right, where's Sermad's list of what he bought at the chippy?
                          You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                            mega thanks to mr sayers for putting us up for a couple of days. also to hadrian for getting us up there and sie for getting us back. Without you guys I just wouldnt have been able to come along.

                            mega mega thanks to all the newcastle guys for giving us such a warm welcome and being dead nice chaps alround. I think everyone can agree the hospitality shown to us all was first class!

                            playlist in a random order

                            chubby checker - for you, for me
                            escalade sonimage lib - punching dream
                            bosworth lib - knitting
                            janko nilovic - roses and revolvers
                            themes in beat - dirty drugs
                            america giovanne - spiralys
                            nino ferrer and radiah - the Garden

                            maybe a couple more. cant remember right now!
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                              Originally posted by Rich Hero

                              Right, where's Sermad's list of what he bought at the chippy?
                              burger and chips
                              pizza and chips
                              a can of pop

                              and towny bought...

                              chips and curry sauce
                              some poppers
                              a 12" purple dildo
                              some gay porn
                              a bag of baccy
                              and two cans of special brew

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