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Jack Kane Of Record Collector - RIP

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  • Jack Kane Of Record Collector - RIP

    Apparently Jack Kane who writes articles for Record Collector, and is the editor of the Rare Record Price guide took his own life at the weekend.

    Didn`t know him at all, but sad to hear of an avid collector going out of the big door.
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    Shocking News, where did you hear this ?
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      Jack posted on the exotica list from time to time, he will be sorely missed.

      His funeral is today I believe some where in Stoke Newington... apparently he left very specific instructions for the service...
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        It was a while, actually, not last weekend. Maybe ten days ago? I'm on a music journalist email list and it was posted on there over a week ago. Very sad. Apparently, he'd had some (unspecified) personal problems...


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          jack kane

          heard it mentioned on marc riley's MINT show a day or two ago.

          couldn't get my head around it - a tragic shame - he seemed like a really decent bloke.
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            Mixes, compilations and the like


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              It happened the week before last sunday...

              Just like Fuz, I knew him from the exotica list - I liked his class and always missed him when he was not around (he'd come and go).

              Sad to know he'll never be back.
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                Teessider, thanks for posting this up. I hadn't heard and this is very sad news. I met him a few times when I lived in London as he was going out with a friend's sister, and he would often be lurking in the background when we out or when he came to see the band we were in. I hope RC gives him a decent tribute in a future issue.
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