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  • very stupid soft pop

    we came up with some old stories yesterday, drinking some beer and just talking about funny things we did.
    one was that we went to a friends workingplace (a photo studio) late at night to take some photos just for fun. so, in there, there were these very ugly nackedphotos on the wall , shot by the owner himself in the late seventies early eighties. it was fun allready. the best part came, as we found an old stereo with a tape in it. we played it and it was just that very soft-porn-cheesy-electro sound that you hate and love at the same time. so we went crazy, laughing and even crying thinking of that old, beardy storeowner shooting photos of some ugly models in the late seventies while he played that tape in the background to bring them "in the right mood".

    the tape was either from mannfred manns earthband, electric light orchestra or alan parson project. for some mysterious reason i always thought that these three artists made exactly the same sound (it isn't true, i guess), and, more important, sound that really isn't worth listening too.
    so, i wonder if there is some good stuff from these artists (no early stuff like the chapter three albums, i mean the stupid midseventies sounds) or if i am right to forget them and just have the nice memories from that very tape...

    Autobahn vas ein Monster: here she is, mit 7 others

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    Depends what you regard as stupid, really. Manfred Mann did a tune called Pluto The Dog which, apart from the ineffably silly dog barking in it, is very good, with hip hop style drums for a Brucie Bonus.

    ELO made several good records (well, I think they did), among them the best was Showdown probably, brilliant bassline, too, but it's a pop record not some hidden dancefloor killer.

    Alan Parsons finest hour was probably Mammagamma, an instrumental electro-ish track which lots of Italo-disco fans like. It depends what your tolerance to electro is, I suppose...


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      They say 'Snake Eyes' and 'The Golden Bug' by the Alan Parsons Project are big Harvey tracks. I think they were available on the same 12" which you can probably get on the bay for about 10p.

      I rate Angel Station by M Mann but whenever I play it to people they think that I've gone nuts.


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        Originally posted by ladyboygrimsby
        Depends what you regard as stupid, really.
        thanks, i will listen to some of your suggestions.
        i listened to a lot of their records (mann, light orchestra and person) cause they are in every charity for super cheap and very popular. so i thought they are quiet important to the musicsene and i would perhaps miss something nice (imagine if i would never have listened to pink floyd... ). but i always had a strange feeling while listening to it. as soon as stopped the turntable i wanted more, and as soon as i started again i just wanted to stop it cause i couldn't take it
        guess this is part of "stupid" but also cheesyness and, i don't know just something else that makes certain music stupid to me...songs that give nothing to you but a little smile that someone actually wrote such a tune...
        i often have to laugh when i start listening to a tune. that sometimes makes it stupid to me, but with stupid i mostly mean it a bit ironic...
        pah, i stop here, can't explain it anyway
        Autobahn vas ein Monster: here she is, mit 7 others


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          an ELO fan here. 'On the Third Day' and 'Eldorado' are two interesting LPs, quite different and less poppy that what you may be thinking of. but all the LPs up to Time have good bits on them...

          and yes, Showdown is great. also Evil Woman, Turn to Stone, Sweet Talking Woman, Mr Blue Sky...


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            Originally posted by bongolia
            Mr Blue Sky...
            Always puts a smile on my face! Whatever the wevver...