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  • Cornwall

    dont know if this has been asked before but, im going to cornwall for the week on saturday and just wondered if anyone knows of any decent record shops or boot sales?
    i know theres a decent shop in Truro i Found that last year. any others?
    im meant to be relaxing but i cant spend a whole week without a look thru some records.

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    Best to buy a local paper or pick up one of the free advertisers when you get down there - Cornwall's the lands of car boots and charity shops. Mantovani for miles. As for Truro check this page.
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      There is (or at least was) a second hand record shop in Penzance but as it wasn’t open the day I’m not sue if its worth a visit or not. Also one half of The Creators (Si-Spex) lives in that neck of the woods so pickings might be thin on the ground.

      Another place that I haven’t yet check is in Redroot (close to Penzance) definitely was (and probably still is) a store there and I’m told the owner is a clued up guy well into his soul.

      St Austell has a second hand record stall in the market, not much cop when I checked it but you never know what might have come in since.

      As for the shop in Truro (No1) if you haven’t already make sure you check the backroom, lots of stock back there but its been rinsed.


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        Are there any 2nd hand record shops in Newquay ?
        I`m going there on Friday......jetting in from Middlesbrough !
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