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    Help me out here... for our Swedish paper-zine we were planning to review as many versions of Riz Ortolani's theme from Mondo Cane (More) as possible. I know I have several versions of it - right now I can think of Gary McFarland from the Soft Bossa LP, Kai Winding from the More album and Ugella and the Viking Pops Orchestra version. I know I have a version by some famous guitarist (Tony Mottola?) and I know James Last and probably Frank Valdor made versions of it.
    Could you please name all the artists and releases you know has More on it here so we can start researching?
    If VV is interested - in time I could translate the article to English too...
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    Marvin Gaye on his last album 'Romantically Yours' LP from 1985.
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      don't know the albums but these have all recorded it:

      Duane Eddy
      The Challengers (Surf band version)
      Frank Sinatra (and of course Harry Connick Jr)
      Jack Nitzsche (I think on Lonely Surfer)
      Nat King Cole
      Andy Williams
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        Just found a weird version that was used on the BBC Scotland test card in the 70s - it's a sort of military/tango arrangmenent with whistling that incorporates elements of 'I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman' too! It sounds like a German orchestra - anyone any ideas who dunnit? It's rather different from how Signor Ortolani envisaged it, anyway!