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  • Snipers

    I know it's been touched on before, but can anyone recommend a (cheap) reliable snipe service? The one I'm using keeps missing...

  • #2 seems to work for me.

    Although I don't use ebay anymore. Can't be arsed with records when its soooo lovely outside! <- Changed URL


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      Yeah, I can recommend Auction Sniper as well.
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        A while ago Rich recommended and I've been using it loads since then, never let me down.


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          esnipe is really reliable but for auctions in currencies other than US dollars they charge you a flat fee which on a mid priced record works out much more than the 1% (I think) that they charge on dollar auctions.
          You have to buy your bid points in adance too, but it think they let you go into the red.
          Still, I keep using them.
          It's probably like that statistic that you're more likely to leave your partner than change bank. Once you've got a sniper...


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            I like auctionsniper because my card details on it are wrong yet it still lets me snipe. And Ive not been charged for using it for months now.
   <- Changed URL


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              Auctionsniper is totally reliable - there's a direct link to paypal on the site and you buy your credits in minimum blocks of $5. They charge the following for a win;

              Auction won that ended at $25.00 USD or less - $0.25 USD

              Auction won that ended between $25.01 and $995.00 USD - 1% of final price

              Auction won that ended at $995.01 or more - $9.95 USD