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The advancement - moorish mood

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  • The advancement - moorish mood

    I know it got mentioned recently, but the search is not bringing anything up. Anyone know?

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    They only did one album which, to my knowledge, only had a US release.

    Label is Philips.


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      Was it s/t?


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (ladyboygrimsby @ 24 June 2003,12:29)]Was it s/t?

        Are you peeping one to buy then, you scalleywag, you!!


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          Someone played me it a while ago and I liked it. It never showed up on any searches, though, so I wondered whether the info I had was wrong or not.

          Or whether it was simply very rare. Hey ho. I'll get one. Eventually.


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            I brought a copy down to one of the Brillo morph Lords nights a few months back, and gave it a spin.

            I'll keep a vigil in the hill side for you.


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              This record has been on my list for a while now. I actually came across a copy about 6 months ago and passed on it because I'd picked up too much stuff already. Regretted it ever since.


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                Brilliant record. I had my copy on ebay for a few bucks. The copy isn't mint but it's ok.
                The musicians are from Gabor Szabo and Bill Plummer combos. I remember having seen it for $30 on the internet a few months ago.
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