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    Did anyone tape programme 1 from this series? I set the timer on our VCR, but unfortunately, it's playing funny fuckers at the moment and I ended up with the cricket instead!

    If someone can dub me a copy that would be cool (I will of course send tape/postage) and I would be in your debt. Even though a favour'll kill ya faster than a bullet (Davey).

    Also, a spot of info required. I recently did a summery slow and low minidisc for a mate and I put Paulette Reaves 'You Are My Star' on it and now he's desperate to find it. I got the original LP which he's not getting end of. But I'm sure this tune must have been comped somewhere, maybe on one of those Grapevine comps or maybe a Mastercuts? Anyone got any ideas?

    Cheers fellas,


    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Hi Benicio

    I recorded almost all of it onto a vcr, (i missed the beggining ten minutes) your welcome to borrow it and make a copy.

    I also last wednesday's worldwide with GP on afterwards via digital radio on the telly. He namechecked the programme several times and played his own selction of brit jazz funk from the era


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      You mean the Trevor Nelson Caister/Northern show, featuring the mighty threads of Leee John & Imagination in supporting roles?

      Got it all on tape if you want it, no problem...
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