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    Well, I'm not sure about that, but Don Reeves and The Don Reeve Sound, do a better than average job of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and 'For Once In My Life'. The obligatory 'Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In' is here too, crowbarred together with some bonkers drumming...

    Produced by Anton Kwiatkowski. That *must* be his real name - there's enough double-you's, but too many Kays for Hawkshaw

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    Matt likes that one but me, I just don't get it. Even if Fusion did have it hanging on his wall in Big Daddy...
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      'Mighy Hammond' is OK, but 'Hammond Around The World', the next LP, stinks. Really. And this is Mr FairgroundHammondRareLover saying this !
      Matt Hero


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        The 'Aquarius/Sunshine' track did it for me, but the rest seemed a bit Blackpool Tower... worth 50p though...

        Take it the follow up's to be left where it is, then?
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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from wayne on 3:47 pm on Mar. 26, 2003
          Take it the follow up's to be left where it is, then?
          <span =''>

          With extreme predjudice.
          Matt Hero


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            I have this track called 'birthday cakewalk' by poppa jones and his kentucky brass band.

            This has got more blackpool inside of it then a stripper down the local spearmint rhino :shocked:
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              I figured you hero chaps would be all up on the Don Reeves ish I shall be steering clear of any further purchases of the Don though, following your sage advice ...

              I also picked up:
              'Rock Gently with Beethoven, Bach &amp; Brahms'
              - all titles arranged by Allan Moorhouse. Apart from the Mas Que Nada intro to Für Elise, it's pretty poor ..
              Erotic Dreams - Pasquale Dagorn &amp; The Sounds Of Love Orchestra
              - a bit fruity, with a saucy Bilitis style cover shot, and amusing versions of 'I Feel Love' and 'Love To Love You Baby', alongside Je Taime et al ...
              Chartbusting Motortown Hits - Hits Machine Unlimited
              The Latin World Of Stanley Black
              a Blues 'N' Jazz comp on Atlantic and an Aretha Franklin 45 produced by Curtis Mayfield
              another copy of Herb Alperts 'Rise' LP
              Trevor Daniels Plays The Crumar 2003R (Paul Daniels brother!!)
              and probably as a result of all this talk of Kids TV, another copy of the 'Spin A Magic Tune' LP, and an Aristocats disney album ...

              Ah! Summer in the Charity shops of Surrey!
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