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    Just got back today with a major haul of vinyl & cd goodies from Tokyo and I must say, I'm f*ckin' knackered. I must've brought back 50+ records and about 25 cd' shoulders are completely raw from lugging my record bag back to the US. The downside, the price of used music seems to have gone up in the last 2 years but oh well, I got some great stuff so who cares right? Right.

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    list it - list it! list it!

    hey did you see the new kubricks that have just dropped? Call me a saddo for wanting bits of japanese lego..but drooool. <- Changed URL


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      off the top of my head I got:

      Major Force vinyl box set
      Scha Dara Parr-Where Ya At? 12&quot;
      Takagi Kan-Love Formula 12&quot;
      TPO-Hiroshi's Dub 12&quot;
      Silent Poets-Drawing LP
      Silent Poets-For Nothing Remix Vol.2 12&quot;
      Silent Poets-Sugar Man EP (Part 1 &amp; 2) 12&quot;
      Sexy TKO-Tribe Of Love 12&quot;
      Fresh Lab-Jazzalistic 12&quot;
      Shakkazombie-I got Style 12&quot;
      DJ Krush feat.ACO-Tragicomic 12&quot;
      DJ Yas-Angler Fish 12&quot; feat.Tommy Guerrero
      Natural Calamity-On The Peach 12&quot;
      UNKLE-ASNKA 12&quot;
      UNKLE-Rock On 12&quot;
      UNKLE-Last Orgy 12&quot;
      Ape-vs-Mowax (CD &amp; Vinyl--I already have copies but had to snatch a couple more just in case)
      Seibu Keisatsu original soundtrack--this is some bad ass cop funk from the 70's.

      there's loads more but I'm too tired to list everything.

      sermad-as for the kubricks, sadly I didn't go anywhere near Harajuku this time around. my time in Tokyo was used to scour as many record stores as possible. I think I must've spent a good 8-9 hours a day of non-stop walking and constant train hopping--first to Ochanomizu, then to Shibuya, then to Shimokitazawa, then to Kichijoji then back to Shinjuku. This is what I call power shopping.


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        nice nice.

        Well if you have any Major Force that I dont have and you could bear parting with...I've got some nice trades.

        Did the ape vs mo wax have the sticker set? If so you can get like £60 for it on ebay! <- Changed URL


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]Quote: from sermad on 9:20 pm on Mar. 24, 2003

          Did the ape vs mo wax have the sticker set? If so you can get like £60 for it on ebay!
          <span =''>

          as a matter o fact mine did come with the sticker's in mint condition too. my other copies had a little wear and tear whereas the new ones I bought were in nice condition. I gave the cd version to my friend for his birthday today...he was quite thrilled.

          Disk Union has changed quite a bit as well. They're more organized and are charging an arm and a leg for old mowax stuff. I saw a vinyl copy of 'Strictly Turntablised' for ¥11,800. Ugh.