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  • Records in the crusher

    anyone see that lame TV programme where they abuse people and get them to throw out loads of junk?

    i was watching it this week waiting for summat else and they got a load of this guy's records and THREW THEM IN A COMPACTOR!

    almost had a fit.
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    i was wondering when that would happen. seen that programme a few times and it's always an awkward watch for a self-confessed-hoarder.


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      This guy was something else though - it got to the point where his missus said it's the collection or me. Something like 150 soda siphons, Pifco utensils by the lorry load and the like. It took 3 big bastard lorries to shift his stuff out.


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        Is this the 'Life Laundry' ? *Scary* as you say for us collectors..... mind you following on from the recent discussion sparked by the article in the Car Boot magazine, I often watch that 'Trading Treasures' show on BBC, where they sell gear from peoples houses at car boot sales.

        Now, the experts are pretty good when spotting most vaulable things, but still have not got a clue with records. Recently I noticed them being told to sell a Pogues LP, signed by one member of the band (personal gretting) with slight water damage for a tenner, and saw another team selling copies of 'Rock Steady Hits of '69' & one of the 'Soul Sauce' Pama LPs for a combined quid.
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          On the subject of telly, I guess that none of you caught Eastenders last night. The only defence I have for having it on was that I was too tired to turn off the box and so it was on as background but anyway...  The kids were chatting about doing something Saturday night and then one of the boys said the other would be going to the boot sale on Sunday morning, checking for vinyl.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!&# 33;!!

          You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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            i saw that - housemate is a 'stenders fan - was thinking that was a bit odd. you won't get to see them getting dusty fingers though, since the camera never leaves the bloody square.


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              I am not a violent man by nature, but 'The Life Laundry' makes we want to put me boot right through the telly!

              I saw a 'Top Of The Pops' LP going in the crusher - fortunately it was one I'd already got, otherwise I'd have been inconsolable.

              I tell you, if she ever came round to Castle Thames, her hair would turn grey, and she'd have to spend weeks in the Priory recovering.


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                Good topic

                I heard the Eastenders bootfair comment too - and cried out. Inwardly of course. Don't want people thinking I'm odd.

                We should invite the woman from Life Laundry to the next Fresh Brillo - that'd finish her off nicely I reckon ....
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                  no wonder i never watch the telly - sounds way too painful.