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    Well, I managed to get the square root of bugger all at the weekend..... several boots and not a single record to take home in my 'man bag'.

    Anyway, popped into a couple of charities today and got.....

    Dave Snell - Plays Hits On The Harp (BBC Records)

    ...with Paddy Kingsland on the keys, nice original on here called 'Cloud 7'.

    50 Red Hot Black Music Hits (Pickwick)

    Appears to be various tracks comp-ed off TOTP LPs (ie it says 'The Top Of The Poppers play...) - so you've got the well know cover of 'Superstitious' among others.

    Cy Payne & His Orchestra - Music For A Swinging Childrens Party (Contour)

    On a very cursory first flick through, doesn't appear to be anything earch shatteringly good. This does meant that I will have to sit through the whole thing at some stage  

    Tijuana 70 - A Tribute To Herb Alpert (Deacon / Heron)

    *Looked* like something similar to the Brazilia 70 LP from the same label, but alas it is far too faithful to the Alpert sound. Would be suprised it the same players were not involved. Mind you, it is brought to you in association with Heron service stations (and I'm old enough to remember them &#33, with a full listing of all branches on the flip. So, I've I'm ever out of gas and back in the year 1970......
    Matt Hero


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ 08 July 2003,00:11)]Michael Garrick Band 'Home Strech Blues' (Argo)
      Blimey! This is probably the best UK jazz album I've heard - Michael Garrick, Norma Winstone, Don Rendell, Henry Lowther... it's an absolute belter from 1972..and it's mint!!!!
      Hey John... if you ever fancy getting rid of this, keep my number in your rolodex, yes?? Nice one... does it sound anything like black marigolds?