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Need help to identify 2 funk tracks

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  • Need help to identify 2 funk tracks

    here it is, 1 min of each track:

    if that doesnt work try this link:

    and just download it from there.

    i've asked around a bit and noone seems to know these two, maybe theeman or some other funk head in here can help me out?

    it sucks beeing addicted to tunes you dont know. i'm sure ya guys know that feeling.

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    The 1st one sounds like Johnny Pate 'You Can't even walk in the Park' from Shaft in Africa but would have to double check the LP.
    see ya!
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      boney is correct on the first one - classic from 'shaft in africa'.
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        What a great OST! I think it came out on ABC and probe and I know one pressing is super cheap.

        If you guys have got cable then CNX (I think) were showing a blax film a week. Shaft, Shaft Bigs Score, Shaft in Africa have all been on. Lets hope they show gordon's war!

        The second part to that mp3 recognise - I'll check when I get home. <- Changed URL


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          The second track is &quot;Armadillo&quot; by The Soul Destroyers (Stark Reality 7&quot - it&#39;s new-ish, you should be able to buy one from since that&#39;s who released it.
          There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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            thanks alot guys for your help. already placed an order for that soul destroyers 7&quot;, what a tune&#33; getting goosebumps from it hehe

            found that johnny pate tune on the net, and it was real pitched in that mix, like +10%. and it sounds waaaay funkier when piched&#33; need to track down a copy of that cheapo pressing now.