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  • Boot sale challenge

    I swear i had never seen the show before, but yesterday teatime i found myself sat in front of Boot Sale Challenge on the telly...they were at a booter i go to sometimes...and now i think about it, there was a camera crew there about a month ago...didnt think anything of it at the time.

    it was a right shitty morning too, rain on and off with almost no-one there....they did a cracking job trying to convince that it was a bustling cap it all one of the teams bought a box of about 50 records for £11...all the greats too, bygraves, como, crosby...needless to say they lost!

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    They were at a booter I was @ recently. Pity they missed the Johnny Almond Music Machine LP that I bagged for £7.00, would of loved to hear the dastardly Den Perry chatting 'bout the desirable Black Sheep sample.
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      Johnny Almond eh? The one with Ensingle on? A big regret of mine was seeing that sleeveless for 50p about 10 years ago at the Fordham booter and (hung over) remarking to my mate "oh thats on Deram, a collectable label that" and then strolling past and probably buying a shite KPM LP.

      Nice buy for £7
      He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.