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The manzanilla sound

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    It's GNP Crescendo and it's been reissued and it's REALLY CHEAP.
    Like $6.00, $4.00, can't remember


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  • Lord Thames
    Yes, it's a Ray Davies project done in America for some record label I can't remember the name of (Crescendo?)

    They only did the two LPs, I believe - more than that I can't say, as I've never seen one!

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  • LDJB
    started a topic The manzanilla sound

    The manzanilla sound

    Found this LP the other day and like it a lot - some nice easy funk touches complete with fuzz guitars. The question is though who is behind this (no info on Google, AMG etc) - due to the fact that there are couple of Ray Davies tracks (of Button Down Brass fame) on it he is chief suspect but you may know better!

    Also does anyone have their other LP which is called "the Manzilla Sound" and has a blonde lady sitting in a high back late 60s style chair, draped in a Union Jack? Is it good and what what's on it?