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  • handcorkscrew
    Don't you have portables in the UK? Sure it bills you automatically as an obsessive collector, but it saves you the trouble and cost of lugging home a bunch of garbage.

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  • theeman
    hit rate? current booting rate is buying about 1 LP in 500. as for whether they're good - maybe 1 in 10 is good and stays on the 'keep' pile. if i bought more rock the hit rate would be a bit higher but i usually go for black music.

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  • Sie Vulture
    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]"spent a tenner on a bunch of rubbish..."
    ... famous words, often spoken by Northern Digger Extraordinaire Towny-Boy...

    ... yeah, hit rates are very poor, but you know when you hit   that you are gonna blow peoples minds with some wierd, wacky, funky tracks !

    ... it's the thought of that elusive      that keeps you going, keeps you searching, an endless voyage...

    Question - what do people do with the LP's they dig out of booters etc but are shite and so need to be offloaded ??

    Straight back to the charity shop ??

    I have bought LP's from charity shops that Towny had "recycled" the week previous, and vice-versa!

    ... typical conversation goes something like this...

    Sie: "yo man, check out this LP I found in the charity shop. Looks cool, check out the titles, I got real excited but it was a load of shit"

    Towny: "yeah I know man, I took them there last week"

    Sie: "eh?"

    Towny: "yeah, I picked it up for all those same reasons you did a couple of months back, turned out to be shite so dropped it straight on the recycle pile. Took it to Scope last weekend"

    Sie: "arse!"

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  • ladyboygrimsby
    Obviously, the strike rate is rubbish, but I think if you've spent a tenner on a bunch of rubbish, but there's one decent track on the lot, then it's worth it. It's fun buying stuff in the (probably vain) hope that there's an eternal killer on there.

    However, I've found tons of great records that I'd never have paid full whack for if I'd seen them in a regular shop. I found this Hirth Martinez LP in Grimsby a few years ago for 25p and it's got a great funky tex-mex tune on it called Valley Of The Music. I'd never have given it a second look in a regular shop. Mind you, I also bought a Nik Kershaw 12-inch in the same shop, mainly because it had a tune called Drum Talk on the B-side. Mmm, that was a mistake.

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  • emperor tomato ketchup
    started a topic Success rates

    Success rates

    I was wondering what kind of hit rates people had with rummaging through old vinyl. And I mainly mean in the sense of how many bad albums do you end up with for a killer one. I’ve been trying to go through the in-pile of ratty old vinyl in the corner of my living room and about half of it is going on the "I'm sure I can live without this, in fact take it away ASAP" pile.

    Certainly I've found that some of the better buys I've made have been ones I was steered to from this place: Young generation and Demis' "Souvenirs" being the two most recent. Though I did find a really nice Labi Siffri album for a few quid recently.

    On a similar note I was wondering how people who are getting dozens of lps each week get through them? Do you listen closely to every song in case it "contains break" or do you slap the needle down a few times and get a general idea of the vibe?