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    Posted this before and it disappeared . . .

    Don't know if this is common knowledge ( or a scam - don't think so, but would be a whole lot better if it is )

    Apparently Clyde Stubblefield has cancer and doesn't have the medical insurance for treatment, there's a website set up to aid him at
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    also see :

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    I just did a little google search to find out a bit more about this.

    Your thought of a potential scam - there does look to be a fair few 'organisations', charities what have you, set up for Clyde. Which sets the grey matter in motion 2 fold. Obviously he's super respected in his field, and people are genuinely diggin very deep for the cause. Or, some may have seen an opening and are thinking of cashing in. Nah mean?

    I'm playing the devils advocate here, but you'ld hate to make a contribution to somebody as great as Clyde, and it ends up in some spotty herberts back pocket.

    If you want to make a donation, be careful and do your homework.


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      Im not 100% but I believe this was mentioned in an old wax poetics. I think the site is genuine...maybe. <- Changed URL


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        Well, it&#39;s also on here:

        And there&#39;s a little more info here:

        Clyde&#39;s cancer surgeries were a total success.

        However, no health insurance.
        ****May 2003 is his next cancer screening****

        The paypal account is for these guys:

        Maximum Ink Magazine

        CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD: Clyde is in good spirits and well into recovery from his own bout with cancer last year. The &quot;Clyde Stubblefield Medical Fund&quot; is really helping him out. You can now donate to Clyde&#39;s medical fund in a variety of methods: 1. A check or money order to: Clyde Stubblefield Medical Fund c/o First Federal Savings, PO Box 1868, La Crosse, WI 54602-9962 2. An online donation via Maximum Ink through (send donation information to our email address [email protected]) 3. Anything besides money can be sent to Clyde at Clyde Stubblefield, c/o Maximum Ink, PO Box 3245, Madison, WI 53704-0245. We&#39;ve received everything from get-well cards to Noni Juice. For more info on Clyde, please go to

        So it looks like it might well be genuine. I think a donation might have to be done.

        Cheers for the heads up, Mr H. You going to Brillo on Monday?
        Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
        Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (sermad @ 11 July 2003,14:36)]Im not 100% but I believe this was mentioned in an old wax poetics. I think the site is genuine...maybe.  
          You&#39;re right, it was in the last issue (Issue 4).
          Matt Hero