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    picked up an album by Lloyd green called Lloyd green and his steel guitar a while ago, don't know what made me pick this one up, but i'm glad i did, because there's a great Lloyd green track on it called 'tom's tavern blues' with some awesome steel fuzz guitar, and it's pretty funky to, the albums on m&m records and it's from 1971, anyone else heard this track or any other good Lloyd green tracks? the only other Lloyd green lp i've found is 'ten shades of green' which is mainly country standards.
    I want to go to the land of ooog!

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    never heard the man myself, but someone on Soul Strut found this which sounds good:

    (a b-side called 'Tell Ya What' if the link doesn't work)


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      nice one bongolia, so there are other funky LG tracks out there.
      I want to go to the land of ooog!


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        You NEED to score some Pete Drake steel guitar LP's.

        Not only did he do great fuzz steel guitar, but he is way
        more known for his TALKING steel guitar.

        He did the Jeff Beck/Peter Framton thing in the early 1960's
        with a voice vocoder and had a few 45 HITS on the jukebox

        He's got some good stuff, but a lot of records too, which as you
        know, can be a drag. It's a hit and miss, but generally the
        "talking guitar" thing is almost a constant.

        The "badness" I speak of is the undying schmaltz saccarine sweet steel with strinmgs. UGH !

        I have a killer single o his titled "I'm Just a Guitar" (everybody picks on me) and it's a killer talking guitar thing and great guitar too

        Pete Drake is really the king of the thing and actually, Lloyd Green is a killer steel guitar jazz player. Straight ahead jazz.
        I LOVE IT.



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          No, but i heard a Joe Goldmark pedal steel version of "Eight miles high" last month. diggit!