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Eddie Warner - \'Titus\'

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  • Eddie Warner - \'Titus\'

    Dug out my copy of IM3 to play while 'working' this afternoon, and straight away realised that the tune that has been used recently on BBC3 *brilliant* animation show 'Monkeydust' is none other than 'Titus' from this LP.

    Anyway, the version of the show has a vocal added on the top 'scat' style 'la la la...' etc. Is there another version of this track somewhere with vocals or was this done for the show ?
    Matt Hero

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    i can't think which track i'm thinking of, but there is definitely one other than "titus" that i know of, which exists in both instrumental and scat versions... i think the vocal version may be called "come" and the instrumental something completely different.

    i bet it's the same with "titus".

    sermad will know.