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  • Brillo

    Who's gonna be the first to spill the beans on last nights Brillo then? Or are all you muthers still too hung over and zzz-ing?

    For folks sake!

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    Oh, by the way I just got in from work. So I'm gonna spin a few tunes, sit in the garden sippin' cucumber vodka and then get some kip. Think of me when your nursing those heads at work  

    Nite Nite

    For folks sake!


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      slightly smaller turnout last night (maybe 16 or so) but high quality stuff! colin hero from edinburgh, manzo and raj mann from birmingham, vibra from sheffield, great turnout! plus the usual suspects.

      we wrapped up the final voting on the comp with some fantastic new stuff. only one controversial selection but democracy ruled. comp will be going into pre-production shortly.

      when i left about 10.30ish it was just starting to kick off and it even looked as if we may have some semi-regular punters who don't actually bring a bag of records!

      quality spins too from greg, rich/matt, sermad, nick c, mark (some amazing Euro jazz dance stuff)...

      so, Nick C and Greg, what's the next move on the comp?
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        Next move is to find me some Annadin mate... Then I'll post up the playlists shortly. Turnout was excellent, like Ed said, interaction with non-Brilloittes is starting to take place, which is great - one guy in particular loved it, kept coming up to take notes etc... wait a minute, that makes him a Brilloitte!

        Rich, can I take up your offer of picking up them Poetics for me? Cheers dude.

        And Matt, Sermad and Vibra. If you send me your chosen tracks, I can make a little edit of the whole finalised playlist to play at the next Brillo - give everyone a feel of what the whole package encompasses... It won't be in the finalised order, but will give a good idea.

        And for those who want a say in the track order, I'll also be able to burn a CD with all the tracks on, then you'll be able to pop it in your computer and shuffle them around until you've got an idea of how you think it should run. I'll name the tracks according to who submitted them, but the real titles will remain anon for now...

        That way those interested in working out the play order can simply post up their proposed track order etc...


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          Not much to add to what Ed has posted really, another great night... good to meet some new faces again. Mind you, not sure Sermad has really got the hang of this voting thing yet....

          Left not long after you Ed, so that I had plenty of time to get to Waterloo and the express train back to Southampton.... and sure enough got there with ten minutes to spare.

          However, I managed to misread the platform number and ended up on a stopping service to Portsmouth, which at no point announced it's destination. And the guard checking the tickets didn't notice I was on the wrong train. And it terminated at Petersfield because of engineering works. So, just 40 miles in the wrong direction then.

          Phone conversation with my girfriend went thus :

          'Are you at the station ?'
          'Well, I'm at *a* station.....'
          'Which station ?'
          'Erm, Petersfield ?'
          'PETERSFIELD !'

          So, thanks Caz for getting out of bed and driving to Petersfield to pick me up at 2 in the morning. And not being that angry with me  

          Edit : Nick, I'll get that 45 burned and on to CD ASAP for you.
          Matt Hero


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            waaah? which one can I vote for?

            Im confused
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              Gah&#33; Sorry I missed it - Matt, sounds like you had the same sort of day on the trains as I did ....

              When&#39;s the next &#39;un ?
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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (sermad @ 15 July 2003,10:19)]waaah? which one can I vote for?

                Im confused  
                What the fuck are you on about now?

                Is this what you were like in school?


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                  Playlist for Brillo – July 14th

                  This time round we got everyone to write down the tracks they played in an effort to get it all online asap, without having to chase up hungover Brillo heads.

                  Quick warm up to text mixer etc...


                  Quantic Soul Orchestra – Heard it all Before remix
                  Beyonce – Crazy in Love (inst)

                  EverythingÂ’s in order, so while we wait for our out of town Brillo brothers, Belson begins...

                  Greg Belson

                  Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
                  Anna King – When I cry
                  Bora Rokovic – JWB
                  Blossom Dearie – I Like London in the Rain
                  Peter Trunk – Rolling Machine
                  Frank Foster – Shunga
                  Dave Pike Set – Hong Kong Woman
                  Phil Woods – Charity
                  The Three Sounds – Do Do Do
                  Bunky Green – Fast’n’Foxy
                  Little Joe Blue – I Got You on my Mind
                  Ronnie Kole – Spinning Wheel
                  Monk Montgomery – Fuselage pt2

                  Rich Hero

                  Joe Pass – A Time For Us
                  Gabor Szabo – Mizrab
                  Ravi Shankar Family &amp; Friends – Lust
                  Fever Tree – Don’t Come Crying to me Girl
                  Cozy Powell – And Then There Was Skin
                  Lighthouse – The Love of a Woman
                  Rodriguez – Only Good For Conversation
                  Cher – I Walk on Guilded Splinters
                  Bobby Frankin’s Insanity – Bring it on Down to Me
                  Jesse Anderson – Mighty Mighty

                  The Vote
                  A fairly anarchic session with an official warning given to Sermad for talking at the back and having his head stuck up the ass of a Vestax portable. Eventually order is restored and the votes made. We now have 17 tracks chosen. On with the fun:


                  Celeste OST
                  Pyranha – (can’t read Sermad’s writing)
                  Themes in Beat – Dirty Drugs
                  Pundlap – Sounds of Now
                  Creative Pop

                  (This was the only legible part of SermadÂ’s writing. Obviously not his full playlist, it can only be presumed that at this point, Sermad was hell bent on oblivion and trying to blow up the other end of the bar with dynamite)

                  Matt Hero

                  Madagascar – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
                  Breakwater – Say You Love Me Girl
                  Breakwater – Feel Your Way (for the soulstrutters)
                  TTF – Mighty Fine
                  Collage – Money in Your Pocket
                  Mighty Fire – One Good Love is Worth Two in the Bush

                  Ed the E Man

                  EdÂ’s &quot;80s crap&quot; set is AWOL in the Brillo notepad. Ed?

                  MarkÂ’s &quot;Euro only, baby&quot; set

                  Rob Agerbeek – Chari Dance
                  Charlie Antolini – Woe is All Over Me
                  Emphasis – Rainmaker
                  Manoto Gus – Oh Jerusalem (spelling?)
                  Aquila La Scala – Funky Beat
                  (Non Brillo dude comes up to take notes)
                  Memphis Black – Why Don’t You Play That Organ Man?
                  Gimmicks – California Soul
                  Jazz Hip Trio – Orange Boom (spelling?)
                  Nancy Holloway – Hurts so Good
                  Alice Babs – Been to Canaan


                  Three Sounds – Soul Symphony (1st funky section)
                  Dizzy Gillespie – Alligator
                  Eddie Giles – Soul Feeling pt2
                  Lou Courtney – Hot Butter ‘n All pt1
                  Lee Austin (the burner) – Tutti Frutti
                  Soulsetters – Can You Dig It
                  Mighty Dogcatchers – It’s Gonna be a Mess (re)
                  Emilio Santiago – Bananeira
                  Heatwave – Rastus Ravel
                  Bullit OST – Mustang gears &amp; throttle skit (Jap only)
                  Victor Brady – Brown Rain


                  Nancy Sinatra &amp; Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning  
                  Staple Singers - IÂ’ll Take You There
                  Chicago Transit Authority – I’m A Man
                  Israel &#39;Popper Stopper&#39; Tolbert – Big leg Woman (with a short, short miniskirt)(winner of this month’s Brillo insane title award)
                  Hero No.7 - Cut up Party Tune 101
                  Johnny &quot;Hammond&quot; Smith – Soul Talk pt2
                  Dusty Springfield – Love Power


                  Bob Jung &amp; Orchestra – Spooky
                  The New Direction – Feeling Good
                  Wayne Henderson &amp; the Soul Soundsystem – What the World Needs Now is Love
                  Ska Boo-Da-Ba – Skaravan
                  The Harry South Stereo Brass - Scarborough Fair
                  Fletch – Heavy Stepper (John Kennedy remix)
                  Bones Galore – Light My Fire
                  Daly Wilson Big Band – In Sincerity
                  Jimmy Caravan – Little Bird


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] ]Bongs Galore – Light My Fire
                    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                      is this meant to be a joke???
                      Blossom Dearie – I Like London in the Rain


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (bongolia @ 15 July 2003,14:10)]is this meant to be a joke???
                        Blossom Dearie – I Like London in the Rain
                        Well, yes and no.

                        Yes, because it was the hottest day of the year yesterday.

                        No, because it&#39;s a tip top tune that deserved getting an airing at Brillo.

                        Why d&#39;ya ask&#33;?


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                          because of it being the hottest day of the year&#33; no question as to the niceness of the track at all - lovely drums...


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                            Surely today is hotter?


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                              you could be right. it&#39;s too hot to argue&#33;

                              not a nice day to be working in an office, whatever

                              this one:
                              &quot;Israel (Popper Stopper) – Bigley Woman (with a short, short miniskirt)(winner of this month’s Brillo insane title award)&quot;

                              should be Israel &#39;Popper Stopper&#39; Tolbert (sp?) - Big Leg Woman which makes more sense