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Hf&s this thursday (17th)...

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  • Hf&s this thursday (17th)...

    Dunno exactly what effect listings really have on nights but this week's Time Out has HF&S as their pick of the week...
    Haven't seen it myself yet, can't get T.O in Hackney til tomorrow, but I've been told that they've made several screw ups:
    In the critics choice mention of HF&S, they put Andy.C instead of Andy Smith - so we'll be getting a few confused drum'n'bass folk on Thursday then, they also mentioned Hip Hop, which I never once mentioned in the blurb I sent them... Still, Hip Hop's no bad thing mind...
    Fortunately on the same page HF&S gets the write-up in the Thrusday column too, this time getting Andy's name correct, plus a few hundred letters saying how he cuts and splices beats etc, all very good but poor old John Stapleton doesn't even get a look in, poor fella!
    Oh, and Salmon & Compasses is written as Salmon'n'Compasses - maybe for all those drum'n'bass kids that'll be beating down on us for fronting on the rewinds, I'll just blame Andy. Or maybe Fryer's patented flailing arm dance technique can save us from the DnB hoards... oh, and last week they wrote breakbeat instead of breakbeatrare - so that's another genre that we won't be playing but will! What an odd bunch T.O are...
    Can't complain mind, though I'll bet Andy.C will have something to say..