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    I'll be in Bristol soon for a 40th birthday bash at Jury's Hotel.Odd,I know.I'm aiming to get away for a couple of hours so where should a Vinylvulture head for..........John.......?
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    no records in bristol. nope. not one.

    but....when are you down? we could sort something out - there really aren't regular great pickings here, I'm afraid...but I'd be happy to show you what there is...
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      Hello Mumbles

      The best?!? area for records in Bristol is Gloucester Road. there's three shops along here worth a peek

      Plastic wax records- Always worth a browse
      Rooted Records- very good for new stuff
      Prime cuts- A wide selection of stuff. its quite pricey though.

      These aren't real vulture territory though. i agree with john Bristol is a very tough area to find good records. Don't even bother with the charity shops.


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        there are a couple of good spots in Bath too if you got time, one of which started me off collecting when i lived there quite a few years back. he still gets good stuff but is pricey now.
        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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          If you got the time catch the train to Weston-Super-Mare. Plenty of charity shops with plenty of rubbish but every now and then....
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            Thanks for all your replies.John-I'll be down on August 8th but I really don't know how much time I'll have to spare what with family in tow and such like.

            That's what I love about this site.Everyone's so generous and involving ... it don't 'arf warm the cockws of me littw 'art
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