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    It's too hot to work, which might be why I've been digging out all those 60s sunshine pop records & CDs this past week or so...and having not played them since last, er, 'summer', am really feeling all this stuff right now. Current favourites (apart from the obvious Beach Boys/Mamas & Papas/Byrds etc) are:

    The Association
    Wendy & Bonnie
    The Millennium/Ballroom (has anyone yet sampled 'Prelude' from the 'Begin' album, btw? One of the most amazing breaks I think I've heard...)
    Crabby Appleton (ex-Millennium, more pop-rockish, but very good anyway - a recent 50p find)
    The Free Design

    But are there any others I ought to be hearing out there? I see (or hear about) lots of reissues & bands (stuff like Yellow Balloon, Young Generation, Harmony Grass and Aerovons) but don't know what is really worth going for... Recently also found a Uni 45 called (and by) 'Orange Coloured Sky' that I've liked, too. So, any other sunshine pop enthusiasts out there with strong preferences?
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    oh crikey - now you're asking.



    mark eric - "a midsummer day's dream"
    roger nichols & the small circle of friends - "the complete..."
    association - "birthday"
    peppermint rainbow - "will you be staying after sunday"
    peanut butter conspiricy - " spreading"
    harper's bizarre - "4"
    timothy clover - "a harvard square affair"
    gordon alexander - "gordon's buster"
    richard twice - "richard twice"
    stonepillow - "eleazars circus"
    jeff monn - "reality"

    random favourite tracks:

    neon philharmonic - "morning girl"
    gordian knot - "caraway stream"
    rosebud - "lorelei"
    bergen white - "second lovers song"
    passing clouds - "take the blame"
    tradewinds - "someone got caught in my eye"
    poppy family - "i'll see you there"
    queen anne's lace - "the happiest day of my life"
    the happenings - "down down down"
    buckinghams - "back in love again"
    love generation - "playing on the strings of the wind"

    for starters.


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      Now yer talking -there's a lot of good stuff there. The summer's just ended today and its really cold and wet here but a blast of the Millenium or Free Design wouldn't go down badly - though I'm surviving with a Trojan Joe Gibbs Anthology. (If only there were a rasta smilie I'd put it in).

      Certainly I've never found any of the obscure American stuff (millenium/ free design) down the shops here though the reissues are quite welcome. Beach Boys or Mamas & papas turn up once in a while. Now if we could just peruede rev-ola records to put out some wax would be good...

      A good comp is "Soft Sounds For Gentle People -- Far-Out & Beautiful Tracks From California & Beyond, 1966-1971" the only palce I've seen it is Dustry Groove - but I might be able to do you a CDR since I'll be doing the Beach boys one for you.
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        Some of this stuff verges on pop psych, but-
        The Fox-for fox sake-lp
        Unit 4+2-Unit 4+2-lp
        Skip Bifferty-Skip Bifferty lp
        Philwitt and Pegasus-same lp
        Mark Wirtz-A teenage opera lp
        Crome Syrcus-love cycle lp
        Saggitarius-The blue marble lp
        Mickey Newbury-sings his own lp
        Gene Clarke- no other lp

        just a few, there are loads to reccomend!.
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          oh, and that Aerovons- re ish -(Ressurection) is pretty damn fine too.
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            Thanks for the tips - it's stuff like Neon Philharmonic, Peanut Butter Conspiracy etc I've been seeing on reissue but, having no idea what they sound like, & hearing contrary things about the quality, haven't yet tried picking up... That Aerovons one, I gathered from a story in MOJO last month, isn't a reissue, but a first release for an LP that got shelved at the time. Does sound very tempting, though...

            What's the deal with Poppy Family, by the way? I've heard the name, but never seen anything on reissue or otherwise by them... And that Stonepillow has always intrigued me: heard the 'Eleazar's Circus' track on one of the Phase 4 samplers, and it's pictured on the back of many Phase 4 LPs, but never seen a copy of the album discussed or for sale anywhere - is it a real rarity in the Brian Bennett/Gentle Rain league, or just one of those things I happen never to have found (like many other common digs that never cross my path)?

            Not even on the VV site, that one...

            Still, plenty to dig into there - and ETK, the offer of a cd-r of the comp is much appreciated: let me know by the usual channels!
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              The Poppy Family were Terry 'Seasons In The Sun' Jacks' band. 'Which Way You Goin' Billy?' seems to be the album to get (it was sampled by The Automator on the Deltron 3030 LP). It seems to be fairly common in the US but much harder to find in the UK.


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                Terry Jacks, eh? Well, if that really is a cool record, it'll be time for my girlfriend to say 'I told you so', after many years of trying to persuade me that 'Seasons In The Sun' is a true classic, when I can't help but find it highly amusing...
                a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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                  'seasons in the sun' AAAARRRRGGHHH!!! (picture 'Scanners' type fookin' explosion of 'ead&#33that's one of the missus' favorite fookin' tunes, i have to say it fair gives me the fookin' willies whilst drivin' me up 't' fookin wall, suicidal fookin' lyrics about some old fookin' geezer on 'is deathbead, in love with some underage girl?? EH! what the fook is that then? you dont get Alan Hawkshaw doin' fookin' gear like that do yer!, fookin' balderdash that's what it is!. Still the missus fookin' likes it so's all's fair in love 'an war eh!
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