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  • Todays charidees

    well i systematically *hit* every charity with a N london postcode today. Well ok I had 5 pages and got through out finchley and any with an E postcode next week

    From 20p-£1

    Total Sound - Studio 2 sampler - big brassy aquarius, ob la di ob la da

    Franck Pourcel and his orchestra - Impressions - Studio2 really nice groovy drums and such but its waaay too orchestrated.

    The golden hour of The Godfather - Golden Hour - wicked cover but the record is terrible

    Bang on a drum - BBC (two copies) - everyone know's this. crazy cheesy kiddie funk

    Golden hits of Latin America (Readers Digest) - Pretty average.

    Mexican Brass (Readers Digest) - crap.

    Kiss me kate - brigadoon (fontana) - Not even john gregory can bluff this one. Sooo crap.

    Banjo Party Time - (MFP) - Come on! how can anyone resist a lp by the Geoff Love Banjoes!!! so so so so bad.

    Big Jim 'H' - Hammond Organ Dance Party (Stereo Gold Award) - parp parp organ parp.

    A couple of Italian folk lps. Total crap.

    Blues Helping - Love Sculpure (EMI) - Heavy white blues rock by three white guys from 1968 . Best find of the day. Amazing  geeeetars.

    Hi-Fi Sound - Stereo Test Record (Haymarket) - Bleeps, tones, whooooosh rumble etc. Daft samples.

    Jesus Christ Superstar (Hallmark) - I think this is my 3rd version. Really really good funky rock by Bruce Baxter but the vocals are as usual terrible!

    Cyril Thompson & The Dorchesters - Dance Party (Stereo Galaxy) - Forget 1974! This sounds like 1954. AWFUL!!

    The Auarius - Hair (Marble Arch) - This is don! I utterly love this. Big funky squealling hammond r'nb to all the faves. Anyone know who this was??

    And thats yer lot. Busy day!  <- Changed URL

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    I don&#39;t want to put a downer on yer dig Sermad, but you guys really seem to have slim pickins in the charities down in the smoke


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      Mate yer not wrong. The charity shops are terrible here.

      My mission yesterday was obviously to get some good records but the other was to scope out a biiig radius of london and see what places were worth going back to.

      Now I have a pretty good idea and the one place I will go back to is getting 500 lp&#39;s in next week. I wouldnt have known this otherwise...lets hope I get some good stuff rather then the usual crap

      And the places I went were the proper ghetto - makes the area I live in now look like buckingham palace. I should have taken some piccies... <- Changed URL


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (TOWNY @ 20 July 2003,12:13)]I don&#39;t want to put a downer on yer dig Sermad, but you guys really seem to have slim pickins in the charities down in the smoke
        Thats because bloody llmod buys up all the corkers before you get there Serms&#33;

        He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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          yeh &#39;an fookin&#39; divin&#39; in asia for 5 fookin&#39; weeks&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; i got 10 fookin&#39; days in swanage with the missus &#39;an 4 kids, in the mother in law&#39;s fookin&#39; caravan&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;*^*&amp; %^&#036;##%&#036;%&#036;#%&#036;##%&#036;&amp;&amp ;&amp; &amp;^&amp; &amp;^% *&amp;%*&amp;.
          derelicts of dialect


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              Oh towny mate, you don&#39;t know the &#39;alf.
              I would just like to point out at this juncture that in no way am i trying to cause offence towards llmod, and indeed wish him all the best on his trip. I have used this thread for comedic purposes and will continue to do so as it provides me and a few others with a bloody laugh&#33;.
              cheers llmod, no harm intended mate&#33;.
              (yes i&#39;m covering my arse in case we meet at the next brillo/other vulture do. )
              derelicts of dialect


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                Hehehe, i ain&#39;t been on holiday for 8 years mate - I just take regular evening ones with Beer &amp; mind leaves as me transport

                &quot;Can i get a Remedyyy&quot;


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                  Right I&#39;ll stop sulking now


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                    Fookin&#39; ell Towny mate, 8 years, that&#39;s almost on a par with me&#33;&#33;&#33; (is that includin&#39; british excursions?) there&#39;s room in me suitcase if you want it mate&#33;
                    derelicts of dialect


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                      Thats zilch holidays man I have plenty long weekends and stuff visiting mates in different locations but no proper &quot;holidays&quot;


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                        Well my son, next time you&#39;re in my neck &#39;o&#39; the woods, i extend a fond welcome, my door is always open for you dude&#33;
                        that sounds a bit fookin&#39; suspect but you know what i mean&#33;
                        derelicts of dialect


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                          LLMOD1 would never come to this part of london. It isn&#39;t posh enough and he would get his slip ons dirty
                 <- Changed URL


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                            Are those his suede-soled slip ons?&#33;? Anyway, I&#39;ve told MY lovely old dears to batter any bloke wearing goggles and flippers and asking for copies of &#39;Gentle Rain&#39; with rolled up copies of Ham &amp; High and Mantovani&#39;s greatest hits.

                            And anyone looking like Ollie Reed for that matter. No rekkids here Sermad (for real) but if you come out this way I&#39;ll gladly make sure you don&#39;t scoop any heat out of my crates (and we can visit Alan&#39;s). Give us a bell if you&#39;re out this way...

                            You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (sermad @ 20 July 2003,12:30)]Mate yer not wrong. The charity shops are terrible here.
                              i disagree....there are some excellent spots. its a question of finding them and hitting them regularly
                              Endless Tripe