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Chas \'n Dave - LIVE!

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  • Chas \'n Dave - LIVE!

    Come on....who's with me?

    6 Apr 2003 7.30pm - 11.30pm Mojo Boogie Presents
    A 100 Club Welcome Return for the Great
    CHAZ 'N DAVE (For Tickets - Call 020 7359 2800)
    Mem £14.00 (Adv) Non-mem £16.00(Door)

    ...apples n pairs....apples n pairs....apples n la la <- Changed URL

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    Yap yap rabbit rabbit yap yap
    Bunny bunny  bunny bunny...


    But maybe if they invite special guest vocalists Labi Siffre and Eminem. Or do 'Big Break'?
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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      Oh my lord,
      This is all becoming a bit scary.
      Please let me know if you are serious and interested
      a) Ironically
      b) Because Chas &amp; Dave are 'the shit.'

      I know someone who would love this gig......
      Stop wasting your money on records and get a proper hobby.


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        I think they are cool man. <- Changed URL


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          I'd heard they split and there are THREE Chas n Dave 's doing &quot;the rounds&quot;...

          One is the original Chas and a new Dave

          One is the OG Dave but a different Chas

          The other has neither of the original Chas's or Daves but through some performance law loophole have registered the name for their use.

          You'll find the same thing has happened with

          Sam and Dave
          The Temptations
          Four Tops

          and of course -  The Bay City Rollers

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            I saw them on Jools Hollands hottennammaaay whatever and they rocked it.

            Same song with different lyrics...'bout five times over.

            These boys are lyrical dynamite!
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              . . . and I'm in a band called Chis n' Dave!

              That's only funny if you know my mate Chis, and that my name's Dave, and even then it's not that funny.

              I'll get my coat ( to put over my t-shirt &amp; braces )


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                As far as I'm aware, the original Chas 'n' Dave are still together and doing the rounds - I had a butchers at their official website a while back, and it was the same geezers.
                I'd like to add 'Turn That Noise Down' on their 'Mustn't Grumble' LP is a great bit of 80s funk.


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] ]Quote: from bigdaddydan on 4:10 pm on Mar. 31, 2003

                  I know someone who would love this gig......
                  <span =''>

                  Hello? :biggrin:
                  I've seen the Monsters of Rockney before, and they brought the house down, albeit a house full of grannies. I'm intrigued by the Mojo Boogie/ 100 Club aspect - could be that they're responding to digger interest and are doing a Head Hands and Feet type show. (Slim chance, I know)
                  And as for the multiple fake C&amp;D's doing the rounds, maybe the third one is led by Mick, the drummer.
                  Is anyone seriously going? I'm game if you are.


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                    well, bit late to revive this thread really, but . . . just heard Bill Bailey's 'Cockney Eye of The Tiger' again and thought it was too much fun not to share . . .



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                      <a href="

                      That" target="_blank">

                      That</a> should work better.

                      Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
                      Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...


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                        Ooops! Cheers , Manzo!


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                          Did anyone bother then? How was it?