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  • Goodies

    picked up the OG Goodies Theme on Decca 45 yesterday. played it all through and was VERY surprised to find that it's really tough KPM-style midtempo funk (apart from the 'Goodie goodie yum-yum' bit). recommended!

    any other tasty forgotten funky TV themes?
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    Not exactly forgotten, but the theme tune from 'The Liver Birds' (by The Scaffold on the flip of the 'Ging Gang Goolie' 45) is much funkier that I remember it being on TV.

    It's almost as if they edited it for the show to take all the juice out of the track..... maybe they did ?
    Matt Hero


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      Regarding forgotten theme tunes, I posted this little link a while back on here - the lack of response was deafening. Surely someone must know what this tune is???

      Oh, and buy the new Goodies DVD - it has some seriously good tunes on there, most of which have never appeared anywhere else. They had some top musicians working for them too - Cattini, Parker, Morgan, Hurdle etc. The fact it's also one of the greatest TV shows ever doesn't harm it either.

      I asked Bill Oddie a while back whether he still had any tape of his music for the show - he said he had a look recently, and couldn't find them - damn!


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        Speaking of the goodies - this has cropped up on ebay a couple of times.

        ILLSICKBREAKS indeed but is it say on par with the 'cricklewood shakedown' and 'funky gibbon' tracks off the new goodies lp? <- Changed URL


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          That&#39;s their least funky LP, actually - the &#39;open drum break&#39; is actually just one of those little drum machine things (cf the intro to &#39;Heart Of Glass&#39; by Blondie, or &#39;Rock Your Baby&#39; by George Macrae). &#39;The Goodies Sing Songs From The Goodies&#39; (aka &#39;The World Of....&#39 is probably the best one in terms of funk.