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  • The double deckers

    Was the theme tune to this staple of summer holiday daytime kids TV ever released? I'd really like a copy in an attempt to recapture the sound of those halycon days. Tiger was my idea of the ideal woman back then!
    I've never even seen it covered - you would have that Geoff Love might have given it a go, he did everything else!
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    you'd have thought aswad would have given it a go really...

    top show, top tune...and i wish Tiger would show up on one of those 'after they were famous' shows...grrrrrr indeed!


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      hands off - she's mine! All mine I tell you...

      ...if my memory as an impressionable six-year old hasn't failed me she was dreeeeamy !

      What's the betting she's an old boot now...?


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        I havent a fug what you lot are on about but she's sposed to be in Japan - hey its lunch so its google time <- Changed URL


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          I&#39;m pretty sure this one passed me by.

          Is this the lot you&#39;re all on about??

          BTW, it looks like they released an album. More info is on the website under Collectors Corner, but here&#39;s the sleeve image for ya.


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            Visit the TV Cream website for info on The &#39;Deckers and all other fondly remembered shows:


            Kind of ruins any chance you had of getting any work done though. Loads to download as well.

            There can&#39;t be much missing from this site, every time I think I&#39;ve recalled an obscurity from my murky past, there it is, rendered flesh. However, still can&#39;t find any reference anywhere on the net to that cartoon version of &#39;Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle&#39; where his enemies were the Mungawas (half-man, half-gorilla). Say I haven&#39;t imagined it&#33;

            As for honeys from our childhood, I still say it&#39;s all about BOTP&#39;s &#39;Princess&#39;. And Sally James, obviously. And the French one off &#39;Mind Your Language&#39; (how and why that&#39;s had a DVD release I can&#39;t fathom&#33.

            Jet Boy stole my baby.


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              thats the one greg. Ive never seen the show myself but the music sounds top.

              There was a release on capitol in the states but it doesn&#39;t seem to include the theme (well I couldnt see anyway).


              Some groovy library was used on the show aswell which was taken off a dmm (not sure which one at the moment).
     <- Changed URL


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                Back when I was at university, there was this girl who lived in my street who looked - at least as far as my housemate and I was concerned - exactly like Tiger would do at our age.

                Needless to say, someone mentioned this to her one night in the SU, she didn&#39;t get the reference (or the compliment) and called us both &#39;retards&#39;.

                Ahh, great days....
                Matt Hero


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                  I slightly know someone who has the American LP, and apparently it does have the theme tune on it.

                  I well recall the repeats on TVS in the early 1990s - there were some amazing Hammondy tunes on it.

                  The music was the work of Ivor Slaney, who in the 1950s was oboe player in the Robert Farnon Orchestra, and contributed many tracks to the Chappell and Conroy libraries. He also had a minor hit with &#39;Carlos Theme&#39; from the TV series &#39;The Sentimental Agent&#39;. In the late 70s he got into synths in a BIG way, and did the scores for loads of films directed by Norman J Warren. Can&#39;t remember whether he&#39;s still alive or not.

                  And, let us not forget, Brinsley Forde ended up in Aswad, and the guy who played Doughnut later went on to work for the Ministry of Agriculture - I kid you not&#33;


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                    Wasn&#39;t the theme written by &#39;star&#39; Melvyn Hayes ? And then recycled when he penned some hit song for mercifully shortlived &#39;Oirish&#39; girlband &#39;B*Witched&#39; ?

                    Get aboard, Get aboard, get aboard with the Double Deckers...
                    Matt Hero


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                      yes, melvyn wrote the theme. i (literally) bumped into him once at Waterloo Station - he hasn&#39;t changed a bit since the glory days of Ain&#39;t Half Hot Mum...
                      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                        Interesting - did he write the music and lyrics?
                        Ivor Slaney was involved, though - probably as MD, and I suspect he wrote the incidental songs too.


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ 22 July 2003,14:32)]However, still can&#39;t find any reference anywhere on the net to that cartoon version of &#39;Tarzan - Lord of the Jungle&#39; where his enemies were the Mungawas (half-man, half-gorilla). Say I haven&#39;t imagined it&#33;
                          This one?


                          Don&#39;t think I remember the Mungawas, but then maybe vaguely . . .
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                          also see :