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    Just got a smashing 1968 Keith Mansfield 45 thru the post from the US today. One side has 'Boogaloo' from the 'All You Need Is' LP which is a great track in itself.

    However, there is an absolute belter over on the flip in the form of 'Soul Confusion' - an orgy of funky drums, hammond and fuzz guitar featuring the one and only Alan Hawkshaw, playing guess which instrument? Up there with the greatest Mohawks stuff (it was also comped on 'Planet Of The Breaks' vol.4)

    What I need to know is does anyone know of any other Keith Mansfield 45s that contain tracks not on any albums? Any help gratefully received!

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    Don't know about that, but there's a Polish issue Mansfield Orchestra LP listed here (scroll down to second row from bottom of page):

    It'll probably just be a straight Polish pressing of a UK album, but *might* be different... anyone know which?
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      Yep, that's 'All You Need Is...' in a different sleeve. And mastered with bass really low. Funny how so many Keith Mansfield Orchestra LPs (including the Salena Jones LPs) turn up on Pronit. 'Moment Of Truth' looks kind of cool with the trippy flower cover...
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