I'm sure many of you guys have heard of George Hadjinassios - Greece's answer to Ennio Morricone! The dude behind such film groovers as 'Plane Vibrations' and 'Lunatic Groove'

But have you heard of an Anglo-Greek production called The Navel? Some sort of Greek Connection style flick with a fuckin cool Blax soundtrack with moog effects all over it. I don't even know if it actually came out on an OST and god knows where to get hold of the video to tape etc...

Anyone heard of this guy or know about The Navel? I've seen most of it and it has a fairly decent production quality, unlike many other greek movies... while I'm here, anyone ever seen any Greek Blow Up style films? Fookin' hilarious! Always about a son who's come back from a trip to Canarby St, bringing his wacky friends with him to his parents house and proceeds to get down while shocled old timers look on... eventually said wrinklies get into the wild groove too. They're all absolutely terrible, but great fun to watch... and no, I'm not Greek!

Not a mention of drugs anywhere mind. In fact, there's even one called Cannabis No!