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  • Godpsell

    the reason i ask is i've got a hammond lp called 'michaels music swing low sweet hammond' on polydor and it's got a couple of tracks from godspell, 'day by day' & 'prepare ye' & it's a pretty good hammond freak out at times, i wondered if any of the godspell soundtrack lp's were any good?
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    In general it's not (oherwise we'd all have Geoff Love's Musicals on the strength of the cover) but it doesn't surprise me that it's possible to funk up some of the tunes... I mentioned Paul Mauriat's "Day By Day" on your other thread. It's definitely worth your 50p.
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      I've got a Bruce Baxter version on Hallmark which (much like His 'Hair' LP) is very average. I've also got an Australian version on Starline which is better but nothing special. I was going to explore all the Godspell LPs but after these two I couldn't be bother. It's just a christian ripoff of 'Hair' but without anyone of Galt McDermotts talent to make it brilliant.


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        The 5th Dimension's version of "Day by Day" is really nice.

        (we used to have to sing "Day by Day" at primary school).
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          Really pleased to see 'Day by Day' under discussion; I'd been planning to ask for info on any other good versions.

          Aside from the Mauriat, the only other one I know is Shirley Bassey's take on it from her 1973 'Live at Carnegie Hall' LP - great stuff. Flailing drums at the end (if rather muted in the mix) and a bit of scat too. I think the studio version is on her 'And I Love You So' LP, which is yet another Johnny Harris special from the period.
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            Can I shock you? I like Godspell. My Mum took me to see it umpteen times at Sheffield Crucible when I was a nipper. Good memories. I disagree with the Hair comparison, it's more a case of a US attempt to mimic Jesus Christ Superstar (which I also saw umpteen times with Mummy) IMHO.

            From the soundtrack, I really like the tune 'Bless The Lord', sung by Lynne Thigpen who died recently (appeared in a few episodes of the legendary Homicide: Life On The Streets). And I think it's 'Light Of The World' that starts side 2, which has funk potential if someone did a cover. It's all a bit happy-clappy in all honesty, but I'm a bit of a hippy really.

            The best version of 'Day By Day' is Greetje Kauffeld's. The LP it's taken from (someone else will remember the title - I can't just now) used to go for daft money.

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