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Tracking down 1970s sessionmen

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  • Tracking down 1970s sessionmen

    I need to track down a couple of session musicians who were regulars on the Top Of The Pops/Hot Hits type covers LPs, and I was wondering if anyone here could offer any advice.

    The people I'm looking for are:
    Nicky North (singer/keyboards/producer for Coombe Music)
    Martin Jay (singer/guitar)
    Danny Street (singer)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of who to contact - eg, Musicians Union, PRS, MCPS, whoever?

    Any assistance greatly appreciated!

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    You might like to get in contact with a certain Mr David Ades at the fookin' mighty Robert Farnon Society, who have bin' mentioned a couple 'o' times before in these fair pages. For no other reason, other than David is a veritable fookin' oracle/fountain of knowledge on a huge swathe of 'easy' and 'library' stuff, and a genuinely lovely geezer all round!.( i should know, he's bin' kind enough to have helped me out with stuff on a few occasions.)
    after all we all know that 'big' BoB Farnon has bin' involved with a fair few library companies over the course of many decades 'an has quite rightly worked with some of the cream of fookin' session musicians, composers and vocalists of the twenteith century!.
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      Thanks - I confess I am a member of that fine organisation, and I can testify as to Mr Ades knowledge, so maybe......


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        Well, I checked my MU Directory of Members, and none of them are listed in the current edition. Maybe try the MU direct though, as they ought to keep records of all members past and present.

        Musicians Union - 020 7582 5566

        Hope you find them!

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          Very slim chance but they might be listed with the British Academy.

          Googling might just help...Its been pretty good tracking down sessioners for me. I got simon parks phone no out of it! That was hardcore.  

          Just found christopher gunning's and I wasn't even looking for it. These old sessioners/arrangers - If they are not dead then their rocking the interweb! Good for them I say!
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            Gawd bless all three of you, - that&#39;s marvellous.

            If anyone has any other suggestions, do post them here - they&#39;re all gratefully received&#33;


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              My other suggestion would be who else did they work with at the time? Maybe the arranger is the easier person to find.

              I don&#39;t know if these guys kept in the business but maybe they kept in contact with someone still in it.

              Mo Foster might be someone to try. I&#39;m not sure if the dates overlap but its worth a shot. He&#39;s worked with a tonne of people and might know someone who know&#39;s someone.

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                It&#39;s definitely worth giving MO a call/e-mail. I got Alf Bigden&#39;s phone no. by doing so&#33;


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                  Is Alf still around then? Brilliant - he&#39;s one of my all time favourite drummers. I always wondered what happened to him&#33;


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ 25 July 2003,12:58)]Is Alf still around then? Brilliant - he&#39;s one of my all time favourite drummers. I always wondered what happened to him&#33;
                    Criminally underrated drummer, so many of my favourite breaks come from his very sticks.
                    Matt Hero


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                      Alf Bigden - two words.

                      CAPTAIN NOAH&#33;&#33;&#33;

                      And if I had that Don lusher LP I would rate that too

                      I wonder if he plays on all the Don Lusher libraries?
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                        I think Don&#39;s used a few different drummers over the years - Alf, Kenny Clare and Ronnie Verrell spring to mind.

                        Alf Bigden was a regular on TV in the 70s and 80s, and has made appearences in shows like &#39;This Is Tom Jones&#39; (playing the bongos), &#39;Ever Decreasing Circles&#39;, &#39;Only Fools And Horses&#39; (The Jolly Boys Outing) and anything where Laurie Hollway or Ronnie Hazlehurst was the MD. You can always spot him because he&#39;s the exact double of Arthur Scargill&#33;

                        Let&#39;s not forget he was also the drummer on most of the UK de Wolfe sessions in the 70s and 80s too.


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                          and on a certain Terry Cavendish record...
                          Chops for show, groove for dough.