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  • Dodgy ebay email

    i've had another one of those dodgy ebay emails, asking me to change my password, anyone else one, this is the link address they gave me.

    is it genuine???
    I want to go to the land of ooog!

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    I just got two questionable e-mails claiming to be from ebay myself. Hit the "forward" button on the original e-mail. Send it to "[email protected]". Copy the e-mail and then send it. I got a response within one day.


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      these fake ebay scams were mentioned on the radio 5 morning phone-in about fraud last week. very, very dodgy. if you reply then prepare for masses of junk mail at the very least and if you gave 'em you passwords then cancel your plastic now!


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        that link looks fine to me though, not sure how that one works... normally the scam emails use a trick with URLs in that anything before an '@' sign is passed as the username to the server (something rarely used), so they can put a link like:[email protected]/blah

        and the real address is

        always just log in normally to Ebay or whatever, and i imagine any important messages from them would be shown then.


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          EBAY, Pay Pal or anyone that is legitimate WILL NEVER ASK YOU
          for your password, credit info or anything, period