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How much $ would you be willing to spend on music?

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  • How much $ would you be willing to spend on music?

    aside from the odd album purchased from overseas or ebay, what's the most money you've spent or would be willing to spend on a highly sought after album? Just curious, i've found a means to acquire extremely hard-to-find records from Japan but unfortunately am paying through the nose. but, the stuff i'm getting is pretty rare I think, even in Japan. I think i'll come close to spending about US$35-40 for one 12" single. To me it's well worth the money, especially if I can't get it anywhere else, or if it's something that's out of print.

    how far would you go to get prized vinyl?

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    i spent £50 on a rare 'pussy' galore 7"
    I want to go to the land of ooog!


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      for me, when it comes to spending a lot of money I weigh in a ton of factors. Location and rarity being the biggest 2. Ift here is a semi rare record I find that was pressed in southern california I will pass on all high priced ($15+) copies. Whats the point, you'll eventually see more. The only exception being incredibly rare items, I'm talking 1000 presses or less. to this day, after years of diggin I have only spent more than $20 about 20 times.

      Now the hypocraccy of all this is, I traded in $50 worth of CD's this week to get the BABY HUEY "LIVING LEGEND" LP, and the most I have ever spent on an album was $60 for the COMMON PEOPLE LP on Capitol. But hey I love David axelrod, and sometimes the impulses get to you. I'm proud of both purchases, but don't really plan on spending that much again until something amazing comes along (stark Reality, Xingu, Klute, etc.)


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        Hey Guzzo, excuse my ignorance . . . but what's Xingu?  

        I'm a £20 tops sort of fellow. New or used.
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        also see :


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          ah mr. hopkinson, never mind about xingu - if you find one, i'll take it off your hands...
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            about 1 euro.
            and don't push ya luck mate.

            ah it's sunday tomorrow and me newly
            learnt booter tactics from mr munday
            will be put into effect for sure

            1'50 my arse.
            Whats you're style ?


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              Fiddy bucks!

              That's the most I have ever spent and probably ever will spend. Well, probably. I have passed up rare NZ stuff for $80 and do not regret doing so.

              That's just under 20 pounds under the current exchange.

              To put things in perspective that's about what a new imported 2LP would cost (maybe a little less). So actually I suppose I have spent more than that if you count new stuff (which I don't).


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                There are a few lp's I want that I am ready to pay 250 euro's for .. or more

                Yes we all find some amazing stuff for very cheap, i've been very lucky... but some records will take me more than a liftime to find.

                I rather buy one good lp a month than buy 50 (1£ records)...
                I know this is against the vibe of this site but that's just mho.


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                  If a 45 is the "sound of the scene" I'll gladly pay the "established market" price of four - five long as Keb plays it, I'll do dat!

                  .....sorry folks, just had an attack of Deepfunk-itus

                  But looking at the "funk45" angle:-

                  Seriously though, I think the most hard cash I've shelled out is around the £100 mark for a single item. I've got some nice pieces in trades and stuff which are worth much more and I'm not saying that's my limit at all.

                  There's so such good music out there that I can't justify to myself how a one record is actually worth, say 100 times more than another record.

                  eg. on Saturday night, I heard - Robert Moore "Everything Gonna Be All right" one minute and then Dyke and the Blazers "Let a woman..etc" the next. Both are brilliant records and I'd rate them the same in quality as club tracks - but to actually buy an OG Robert Moore would be like buying 100 Dykes!!!

                  OK, you might love a record so much you'd spend more than average and "Raise your limits" so to speak, on the odd occasion (we all like to treat ourselves&#33. But I cannot see how people justify -just- buying mainly "trophies" ahead of all the other less costly (but just as good) records.


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                    I wouldn't go out and spend £150 a week on records! But I definately have spent that sort of cash on one record before.

                    This would have to be on something quite exceptional - Placebo/Marc Moulin type records would certainly get me thinking. Your never going to kick this up in the field these days so I don't see a problem with that amount of money.

                    I'm just an average guy in an average job but its actually not that hard to cut down on the beer, eat less takeaway, nando's and starbucks and you'll save 50 quid no problem.

                    I also sell off a lot of records I don't like so I can get better records. The Stance Et Sophies OST was a classic example. I bought this for 30 euro and sold it for 150 euro which I then spent on a 100 euro library record which in effect I was getting for free.

                    I spent ALL of saturday looking through 10p records where I got a couple of good bits and a load of chuff! So I think you can live by both codes thank you very much. Or maybe I'm the only one!
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                      Don&#39;t get me wrong i still do car boot sales every week but it&#39;s getting almost impossible to find the stuff I realy want.

                      I always end trading or giving stuff away... what&#39;s the point of owning 100000 records.

                      I am not after &quot;trophies&quot; records If I found a copy of the champ or starck tomorow I would trade it against a good jazz lp...

                      a trophy record is something everybody wants and nobody listens to...


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                        oi, &#39;The Champ&#39; LP is great&#33;


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (bongolia @ 28 July 2003,11:37)]oi, &#39;The Champ&#39; LP is great&#33;
                          yes it&#39;s a great lp but is it worth the £ (most of the tracks are been played to death)
                          There was I time when the champ was on every mix-tape, cd, commercial, tv programme, ....


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                            As time has passed I&#39;ve become more prepared to spend the money to get the records I want. I clearly remember when I spent a fiver to get a JB 45 and then dwelt on the fact that each minute of music had cost me a quid. I haven&#39;t yet spent more than £50 on a 45 or LP but I&#39;ve come close, and sooner or later the right record will turn up to cause me to break that limit. And then I&#39;ll set a new limit and then break that, and so on... But I can&#39;t think of many records that I&#39;ve regretted spending the money on (apart from Malcolm Lockyer&#39;s TV Themes LP - I could have bought a packet of pork scratchings with that 50p ). I would guess that, for me, £15 is the current threshold above which I have to think hard about whether I really *need* the record right now (that looks pretty high now that I read it onscreen )

                            I love digging away to find bargains and unexpected gems but, in North Finchley at least, I&#39;m seeing very few records may be worth a punt and coming back with nothing is pretty dispiriting - like pokester said, one decent record is better than 50 that should go straight back to the charity. At the end of the day, it&#39;s the music that counts and not the price - I don&#39;t care whether it&#39;s cheap funk or deep funk*.

                            *Not that I&#39;ve checked what that is this week
                            You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                              The big spends that stuck in my mind were back around 1989 when I was trying to get a complete run of Byrds lps and spent £12 and £10 sterling respectively for &quot;Turn Turn Turn&quot; and &quot;Farther Along&quot;, neither of which are particularly good.

                              Most recently was probably £20 irish punts for the double Acid Mothers Temple &quot;Absolutely Freak Out Zap Your Mind&quot; This was the first time they played in Dublin and so I was very excitable.

                              I think I paid quite a lot for a Sabres of Paradise 12&quot; in Bruxelles a few years back. It was pre-Euro and I made a slight mistake on the conversion in my head. Plus being on holiday means that normal thought processes can be dispensed with.
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