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    Last night I was listening to 'The World Of Johnny Howard' on Decca - a nice funky/loungey big band LP from 1970. It has some fantastic arrangements on it by Len Hunter as well as Steve Grey and Pete Smith.

    The only other time I have seen Len Hunter's name is his credit for the excellent arangements on the Contour 'Swing Gently With Strauss' LP. He also wrote a nice, funky tune called 'Underpass' for the Themes 'Pan American Travelogue' LP.

    Can anyone give me the lowdown on this talented guy?

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Don't know too much about him, but he was one of the regular arrangers/conductors on the MfP Hot Hits covers LPs.


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      Cheers Lord Thames - thought it might be you who could provide some info on this ace arranger!

      Interesting to hear he was behind some of the MFP 'Hot Hits' LPs - maybe he arranged the brilliant version of '2001' on the 'Hot Hits' LP w/ the girl on the dirtbike on the front cover?!

      Now, if someone can give me some info on Cecil Bolton.....


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        It's possible he did that one, I have definitely pinpointed some of the ones he was involved with. Other arrangers on the series were Alan Moorhouse, Johnny Howard and Johnny Harris (yes, the Johnny Harris&#33 All will be revealed in my forthcoming article on the Hot Hits LPs, when I get round to finishing it!!
        He also did a track for the Amphonic/Soundtage library in 1983 - there may be more, I don't know.

        Cecil Bolton - another mystery. Arranged for Ike Isaacs, and others, did a bit for KPM, but can I find out anything about him? Can I 'eck as like! If anything shows up, I'll let you know!


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          Thanks again Mr Thames for the info.

          You are of course right about Mr.Bolton being a bit of a mystery figure.

          The only times I have seen his name are as an arranger on Ike Isaac's 1972 Decca LP 'Stars and Guitars', as an arranger on the 1972 Invicta LP 'Pathfinders' (a very funky RAF band LP w/Alf Bigden, Don Lusher et al), and as a composer of 1 track on the KPM 1145 LP 'Links, Bridges and Stings'. I think I also saw his name as a composer of some tunes in a 1970s tuition book on playing keyboards!

          Now, if only someone can help me with some info on Cy Payne....


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            Ah, now Cy Payne's current whereabouts are revealed on one of the articles on this very site - can't remember which one. Probably 'British Big Band Funk'.
            A friend of mine may have his contact details somewhere too...
            I think he arranged some of the Marble Arch 'Chartbusters' covers LPs.
            Check out his arrangement of 'Harlem Nocturne' on the 'A String Bag Of Bones' LP on Pye 4D - it's gorgeous!
            I've been looking for that 'Pathfinders' LP for a while, actually!


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              Cheers yet again Mr Thames!

              The 'British Big Band Funk' article was written by me (I'm on this board under a different name) and it took a lot of research to find that stuff out about Cy - I'd just like to know even more about him!


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                Oh, you're 70s Kid are you?
                Can you PM me? There's something you may be able to help me with, and I may be able to sort you out with some Cy Payne info in return.....


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                  Hopelessly behind with the posts here (I was getting hitched innit&#33 but I noticed last night that one 'Leonard Hunter' is credited as the conductor of the London Light Orchestra for all the tracks on vol 5 of the Reader's Digest TV Music Spectacular boxed set - 'TV Themes of the 70s'. Presumably it's the same bloke?

                  There's nothing very frugtastic on here, although it does have the music from the Old Grey Whistle Test on it. The LP's more of a period piece: 'Bouquet of Barbed Wire', 'Within These Walls', that kind of thing.

                  Hope this helps a bit.
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