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  • C is for cleo

    absolutely positive I've seen some stuff written up about this lady somewhere around - maybe in someones monthly charts

    whats the lowdown?
    has she got some goods?

    I've been seeing a few of her LPs at the odd thrift & also in SH shops for $15  - looks as though she cut a few things out here in OZ..

    hot tips welcome like a free pint of guiness,


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    In my experience there are two or three Cleo albums worth having -

    'Closeup' (RCA 1974) - Brilliant funky version of 'We Could Be Flying' - drums, wahwah, great arrangement and 'The Sun, The Moon and I' - atmospheric, uptempo, more drums and wah wah.

    'Born On a Friday' (RCA 1975) - Some cheesey disco-funk on this LP.

    'Shakespeare and All That Jazz' (Fontana 1964) Nice set of jazz tunes if that's you're thing.

    Hope this helps!


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      thanks van otterman

      I tried searchin the vulture site but the engine thing is down

      anyways, might have to take a punt so to say, goodo


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        If the search enging is still down you can use google to search it. I think you put in:

        "cleo laine site:"

        Sermad mentioned that on the natter about the site a wee while back and it seemed to work for me.
        Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

        John Peel