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Two ronnies theme tune...

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  • Two ronnies theme tune...

    Are either of these available on vinyl?
    Never seen either of them, I know that Alan Tew's Drama Suite was used for the 'Worm That Turned' sketches...


    Go on wit'cha bad elf

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    Hi Palmer,

    'The Two Ronnies' theme is available on vinyl - on the 1978 Ronnie Hazlehurst LP '16 Small Screen Greats' (Polydor), and a very funky recording it is too.

    The 'Are You Being Served' theme is not available on vinyl (shame - great theme). Have you checked out ronnie Hazlehurst's extra funky version complete with opening drum break that he wrote for the 1977 UK spin-off movie? I've got this on DVD and liked it som much I transfered it to CD!

    The 'AYBS' 1977 film uses library music for it's soundtrack - if you listen closely you'll hear KPM tracks by the likes of Keith Mansfield, Steve Grey and Dick Doerschuk!


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      Man I'd love to hear the super drum breakorama version!!!
      I'm gonna dig for that shizzie

      As for AYBS my mate edited a version using all the bits that were clean from video's and it's a masterpeice!

      cheers for the info

      Go on wit'cha bad elf


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        There's a very kitsch track on a (shameless plug alert...) Japanese mix CD that licensed one of our tracks that added some great lyrics over the top of 'Are You Being Served'. I'll try and remember to note down what it was - it's very entertaining.

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          There is ? Well, I really should listen to the CD all the way throught shouldn't I......
          Matt Hero