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    found a large pile of totally mint (plastic sleeved and all) Studio 2s and Phase 4s at a charity this lunchtime, nothing particularly hot, but did get a couple of more obscure 70s Studio 2s:

    Harry Roche 'Spindrift' - 'Warm Punch' is excellent
    Lee Holdridge 'Nights in White Satin' - 'Alchemy' (an original i think, unless he wrote it for someone else) is great, the rest dull (except the nice intro to the title track). anyone know this one?

    also picked up Werner Muller 'The Latin Splendour of' which i'd been after for ages for the nice version of 'Mas Que Nada', but the rest is a bit bright and brassy. too heavy on the cheese, and Werner Muller 'Learn to Love' which has a nice (but def. not funky) version of 'Nights in White Satin' which is on a Decca comp), but also an interesting version of 'Let's Stay Together', which seems a strange choice (immediately after 'Mouldy Old Dough' as well&#33

    also picked up some right stinkers (was feeling very pleased with the Harry Roche, not knowing it was just a one-tracker really, and hence less cautious) like Ronnie Aldrich 'Emotions' which is a very late one ('78?) (the piano playing gets even worse throughout the 70s&#33, and a Tony Osbourne ('the many pianos of' or something.). what was i thinking?? don't do it kids!

    err, there's no real point to this thread except maybe a heads up on the Lee Holdridge and Harry Roche, but then i guess no-one here would pass up a Harry Roche anyway

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    I have the Lee Holeridge, and I put Alchemy on my easter CD (so at least two other people should have heard it).
    The sleeve notes go on about him being an arranger for Neil Diamond, don't they? So that would probably make this a US recording.
    I pressume that's him hammering the organ on Alchemy ... not  a funky track, more prog really, but in a good way... that's if you can describe any track containing much effect-ladden brass riffage prog
    It ain't shakey