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    After finding Harry South's 'Say No More' LP yesterday (on your turf towny! you've been neglecting the 'boro&#33, which has a magic 'scarborough fair' and other delights, i was wondering if anyone new of any more of his stuff. I grabbed a listen to his 'Introducing the harry south orchestra' a few weeks ago, but this was snooze-worthy typically mid-60's jazz parping without much life to it...

    soooo...anyone know of any others from mr south???

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    chris, i've recently dug out a few (i think) chilled tracks by "the harry south stereo brass" but i can't put my finger on which album. i was suitably impressed, though.


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      might be the same LP...from 69 on Philips 'Living Stereo' with the grey border and the circuit diagram on the back. head shot a lush bird with orange frock and hat i think...but if its another one, let me know!!! Mas Que Nada was also top banana, featuring all our session faves...yum!


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        the 'living presence stereo' one i have is on fontana, and features a mixing desk on the front, the circuit diagram on the back...but no harry south stereo brass.

        this is all confusing me now on a friday...

        the one i'm thinking of is a contour pressing, bright graphic triangles on the sleeve, called "living stereo" and features some of the same tracks as the fontana, certainly a lot of the same artists (some tunes are different) and features the harry south stereo brass doing "fool on the hill" which is an excellent take.

        i wonder how many versions of 'living stereo' there were?

        i'll play it again now i've hunted it out  


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          Fool on the hill is from the very same Harry South LP...

          I got you all confuesed there Wooly, didnt i! The 'Living Presence' thing is a philips/Fontana tagline, much like Circle of Sound...all the LP's were in generic grey sleeves...everyone's seen that shite Button Down Brass best of i guess...anyway, thats the label....those Living Stereo LP's you are thinking of are best of's taken from 'Living Prescence' LP's and banged out on contour...check the 'Ample Samplers' page for piccies...i think the one with the mixing desk on is a comp, and not a good 'un at that...

          Living Presence Stereo must be one of the shitest lounge labels...i can only think of that Johnny Dankworth on it thats any good apart from this Harry South...any other faves out there???


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            I've got a good Ray McVay on that label and a copy of Ray Davies and Button Down Brass - This Guy's in Love With You - exactly the same LP as the normally sighted 'girl gazing at you' cover but with a pic of Ray and some birds who are admiring his trumpet
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              And Alan Tew's '...In A Latin Style' is alright. Are all the Living Presence releases reissues?
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                As far as I'm aware, the Living Presence issues are all the originals.

                As far as Harry South goes, the TV version of the theme from 'The Chinese Detective' is worth a listen - nice funky bass and drums. The version released as a record is less funky and more disco.

                Harry also appeared in an episode of 'Bergerac' as a club pianist!


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                  Ah, I thought the Living Presence issues were re's but that makes sense seeing as Latin Style came out on Contour...

                  Anyone got Harry South's version of 'Full House'? The NYJO rip into it on 'Eleven Plus' and it sounds like a 'professional' version would be great.
                  You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                    picked up a demo single on PHILLIPS BF 1770,"scarborough fair" is the A side(sounds like the arrangement on the certain lions & tigers LP)the flip is "I'm gonna make you love me" is this a non album track???
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                      they are both on the LP...great find!!!! isn't Scarborough Fair just magic!

                      i cant believe harry south didnt get to make any more LP's...surely some more somewhere!!!!!!