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The return of the incredible.....

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  • The return of the incredible.....

    Yeeeeikes!, i bugger off for a few days of r+r on the south coast, come back 'an everythings kinda changed, i mean, new vv record label, new board layout, board out of action?, Sermad makin','an puttin' out records!!!!, what the hell's goin' on? anyways cheers to LeeBee (arr'ay la&#39 for the shout, nice one mate!. A roll call of top dudes who have helped me 'sen out in the last few months, shall appear shortly. Fookin' 'ell it's hot, 'avin been by the sea for the last 13 days or so i've failed to appreciate just how fookin' hot it is inland, no breeze, aaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh!,
    right, sod it, i'm off down the boozer for a fookin' cold one.
    when i return i shall peruse the threads 'an new charts at me fookin' leisure 'an thrill you all (or mebbe not) with details of the scores i, er, scored whilst on me fookin' hols!
    derelicts of dialect