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Sermad and ed on resonance fm

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  • Sermad and ed on resonance fm

    again, delicious entertainment from serm and now with added e-man. well done chaps!

    favourites for me were the david lindup recorder library track on themes, and also to hear michael caine's dulcet tones on the 'self preservation society' is always welcome.

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    Jon, any chance of a cd-r again . . . ?  
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    also see :


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      Nice, nice, nice, i heard bits of it due to the fact i had two of me little 'uns runnin' round the hoose screamin 't' fookin' lungs oot, tryin' ter fookin' kill each other fer the last 60 fookin' minutes (high temperatures and little kids, is a more fookin' lethal combination than a molotov coctail wi' a bit 'o' fookin anthrax chucked in fer good measure&#33 but what i heard was sweet as a fookin' nut lads.
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        Any chance of a MP3 dl again anyone ? Really enjoyed the last one.
        Matt Hero


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] ]favourites for me were the david lindup recorder library track on themes,
          Yeah I loved that one too.


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            What Matt said 'cos I missed it again
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              *** note to everyone ***

              as is customary, i will be providing sermad with an mp3 recording of the show, for all to download from serm's site. no probs!!!


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Mr_Hopkinson @ Aug. 09 2003,18:34)]Jon, any chance of a cd-r again . . . ?  
                david - no probs. a cdr.


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                  Wooly mate, is it possible to Winzip that mp3 of the show, cos i think it's gonna take me till next fookin' xmas to download with my steam driven fookin' pc!
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                    Whats all this then! Wow what a brilliant response! I can say that Ed and myself had a foooookin BLAST doing this one. We were jiving round the studio wishing we had beers and bifta's to go with it

                    Wasn't that recorder track the shizzle! hahah. Big band hammmond recorder funk! YES PLEASE. Its on 'Dramatic Action' (TIM1008) - 1973 btw.

                    We hope everyone liked the funky jazz vibe we wemt off on as we wanted to keep in tune with the weather! Any q's on the tracklistings don't worry as we wrote down everything.

                    And Ed being super organised brought a mini disc so we've got everything recorded in super fidelity. So mr Wooly we should be OK for an mp3 of it...but knowing us we didn't press record or something
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                      thanks chaps&#33; the minidisc did record OK so if needed i&#39;ll sort out an mp3 later this week, just holler.

                      how&#39;s this for super-organised? we wrote down the track listing&#33;

                      bob&#39;s band - score&#33;
                      roy ayers - coffy is the color
                      lalo schifrin - the cat (live in buenos aires)
                      quinteplus - loberman el hombre loco
                      gerry mulligan - introspect
                      BREAK 1
                      david lindup - soul survivor
                      mister buddwing - westside radio
                      david kamien - watermelon man
                      piero piccioni - traffic boom
                      joel kaye - 2001
                      BREAK 2
                      herbie hancock - wiggle waggle
                      ray draper - let my people go
                      karin krog - ask yourself why
                      BREAK 3
                      richard moore &amp; penelope peanuts - soft &amp; sensual (sensations)
                      tony bruno - la la la (deep throat 2)
                      button down brass - hurdy gurdy man
                      BREAK 4
                      James Brown - people get up &amp; drive your funky soul
                      tony bruno - she&#39;s got to have it
                      quincy jones - get a bloomin&#39; move on (self preservation society)
                      gentle rain - lonely jelly (off the LP&#33;&#33
                      terry cavendish - leagueliner
                      georges garvarentz - last trip of the truck (rob las vegas)
                      hugo montenegro - spaceport (toomorrow)
                      de roubaix - levres rouges
                      the farm - animal
                      amando trovaili - sesso matto
                      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                        Coool&#33;&#33;, (cookie monster impression) ME WANT COPIEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHGHHHHHH HHHHHHH&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#3 3;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#3 3;&#33;&#33;&#33;
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                          Thanks chaps for dropping the true master of twisted beats, my Hero Mister Roubaix, with the moodiest soundtrack ever and as Sermad and I were discussing last weekend, albeit slightly squiffey, waaaaaaaaaay ahead of the competition during the last part of the sixties right into the seventies&#33; Also massive thanks Ed for the Argentinian Lalo joint, taken off THAT LP.

                          Mad thanks and sooooooooo good to get a reality shot over the airwaves for once.

                          And yes, I&#39;d be mad up for a copy of the show

                          I&#39;ll see you guys tomorrow.
                          I was raised by wolves


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                            As promised, this radio show is now available for download at:


                            bit of a big download (50Mb) but we upped the sound quality so it&#39;s all good. hope you enjoy it - Sermad bought out some lovely unknown bits.

                            the other 3 shows are archived at:
                            Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (theeman @ Aug. 23 2003,13:58)]As promised, this radio show is now available for download at:

                              thanks for getting the mp3 up fella&#39;s - I have encountered a mysterious problem though, silence at the 29 minute mark&#33;

                              I tried to download it initially &amp; got 29 minutes worth, was listening through and it cuts out at 29 minutes when watermelon man is playing, so I go and stream it .. despite showing a 2 hour stream, the sound cuts out at 29 minutes&#33;?&#33;

                              don&#39;t say the IT bods at me work have pulled a shifty move what what

                              hmmmmm - any thoughts?