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  • Bangkok digging

    I know this ones been done before but could someone tell me roads or areas to check out in BK for 2nd hand vinyl. I'm going to be there in about 6 hours for a couple of days so a swift respnse would be great. Cheers!

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    Mark, please, It's a holiday! Pull your head outta that dusty box and enjoy yourself!!


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      I spent a few weekends there back in January and couldnt find nowt, but then in that heat, you really dont wanna dig around filthy shoe box sized emporiums, you never know what will crawl out of the shadows in those kind of establishments!
      Chill out instead and check out the back of the Golden Palace for a 60 minute massage offered by the students of the massage school, located in the grounds. One hour of total bliss baby! If you wanna go deep, check the incredible weekend market, Chatuchak. You will freak at the size of this mother. It's like fifteen Wembleys, but dig deep and you will find anything you want there.....I did!
      Talk to the locals and get as much info from them regarding whatever you need, they are usually very friendly and courteous and share a fabulous SOH, albeit somewhat twisted!
      Most of all Enjoy it, after all, it's a pretty unique experience and one hell of an opportunity to see how the other side of the planet do their thing!
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        Jeez!, like Nick sez, chill man, enjoy, check oot the markets (but dont buy any fookin' watches!, right kids ) also knock back the fookin' water, keep that fluid intake goin'!!.
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          don't drink anything with ice in it or tap water! You'll be crapping dish water for weeks!
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            (just slapped up the same message at SStrut, couldn&#39;t be arsed to comb through last years posts on the same subject)
            Take a taxi to Tanon Samsen...
            at one end of this big, six lane road is the &#39;Royal Prince Hotel&#39;, or something like that. It sits on a corner and has a large portrait of a member of the Thai royalty that you can see from miles away. The side street that runs off beside it (w/a canal) has the best record shop in Bangkok about sixty yards away.
            Chinatown: Get a taxi to a place pronounced &#39;Sapan lake&#39;. You&#39;ll find Hot Pepper down there.