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    Which TOTPs do people reckon are tops, and for which tracks . . . ?

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    Colin Hero told me that the version is 2001 is good (I don't have it but I do believe him )
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      I've got a spare of that one, should you want it. I like 'Polk Salad Annie' on the same LP.

      Well, as I've said before, this is a pet subject of mine, so I could come up with a lot of answers.

      For now I'll just say - volume 3, 'Ain't Got No - I Got Life' with Alan Hawkshaw on organ. And it really is him too!

      I'll try and find some more later, if you can handle the suspense!


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] ]Quote: from LDJB on 8:53 pm on April 23, 2003
        Colin Hero told me that the version is 2001 is good (I don't have it but I do believe him )
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        The good version I've got is on a '12 Tops' LP not a TOTP LP. There is a fine break on the TOTP version of 'Superstition' but can't think of any other decent TOTP tracks off the top of my head.


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          The TOTP version of 2001 is well done, though - it's closer to the Deodato version than the 12 Tops one.

          OK, here's some more:

          Vol. 13 - Me and My Life (break at start with nice echo on snare drum)

          Vol. 9 - I'm A Man &amp; Seventh Son (good versions)

          Vol. 6 - Barabajagal (Awful guitar, but some good Herbie Flowers-type bass - the version of this on Fontana's 'Sounds Like Hits' is superb)

          If I find any more, I'll put them up here.


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            I've heard that the TOTP version of 'Space Oddity' is a blinder, and if anything, more over the top than the original!  Is this really the case, and if so, which Volume do I need to get my hands on?
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              I think it's on volume 42 - unfortunately this is one of the twenty or so that I don't have. The copy I bought recently had the wrong LP in the sleeve. I was gutted, needless to say.


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                someone should put together a TOTP comp. with all the belting stuff on.

                now if someone goes and does that, save me a copy ok!