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  • Decca phase 4 label

    I was out digging yesterday and found 2 great LPs on the Decca Phase 4 label that I didn't know -

    Edmundo Ros - 'Today' (1977)
    The Botticelli Orchestra - 'Sounds Of Today' (1977)

    The Edmundo Ros LP has a brilliant, incredibly tight and funky big band version of 'Sunny', with huge drums and Fender Rhodes all over the place.

    The Botticelli Orchestra LP contains a storming piece of hard disco-funk in the form of 'Botticelli's Theme', one of my favourite tunes at the moment. Interestingly, this LP was engineered by the Dutchman Dick Bakker and I think it was also recorded in Holland - strange for an italian arranger on a british label!

    Can anyone give me the lowdown on either of these LPs, and also clue me up w/a bit of background info on the mysterious Botticelli Orchestra?

    As always, any help much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Botticelli is, I believe, a pseudonym for Dick Bakker, and the recordings were made by the Dutch company Dureco. His 'Classics In Latin' on Phase 4 is also a bit tasty, and I seem to recall 'Presenting.....' is good too. Don't know 'Sounds of Today' though - another one to look for!


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      Hi Lord Thames - many thanks for the info....

      It doesn't surprise me that Boticelli is Dick Bakker in disguise. The Botticelli LP I mention was recorded in Holland so maybe I should've put 2 & 2 together!

      Dick Bakker is of course a brilliant arranger and it is enough for me simply that he was associated with one of my all-time musical heroes - Rogier van Otterloo, who actually taught him harmony and arranging!