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  • Barbeque party

    Picked up a new Button Down Brass LP @ the weekend which I noticed is not in the Lords of... section - so thought I'd fill ya in - its called Barbeque Party (Western style) on DJM (1975 I think).

    In the main a pretty awful affair with Good the bad etc. & Blazin saddles raising a little smile, even the Davies originals are hSite But side 2 has a killa tune 'Virgina' with a latin bass, Congas, cheesy brass, & what sounds like Herbie Hancock on Rhodes!!! (No doubt the hawk?)

    One to look for @ the booters!
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    Aw! I thought this was gonna be an invite to a V.V BBQ -


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      uncannily managed to pick this up at the weekend booters reminds me of the Alan Tew Western themes LP, which is a bit funkier if anything...from what Ray Davies recalled in his interview it would deffo be The Hawk on keys...all will be added to the Lords pages in due course! the james last smilie reminds me to let on about Hansi's crack at 'Groovin with mr Bloe' which i picked up at the same time...NSD 11...yellow sleeve-keep 'em peeled cos its a good 'un!


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        I'll second the comments on 'The Virginian' - it's top! Alan Tew's 'Magnificent Westerns' should also be in everyone's record collection.

        Got a copy of Lasty's 'Well Kept Secret' from a Scottish charity shop on my hols last week for 25p - I refuse to believe James Last had anything to do with this LP whatsoever, it sounds nothing like him! Good LP, though!