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  • Well i never!

    Just browsing in legendary Notts establishment, Rob's Record Mart (heard him mention the 'E' word again, we're doomed&#33, when I flicked past an LP by a certain Mr Michael Bolotin, later to become a certain Mr B Elzebub (i.e. The man Bolton).

    Nowt much to think about there, except for the session musicians who were the absolute dog's. Bernard Purdie on drums (alternating with Andy Newmark), Wilbur Bascomb on bass etc etc. Surely one of the most detested men ever to put his voice on wax can't have funky tunes?

    Has anyone had more courage than I and actually played this potential excrement? I mean, I would do anything for breaks, but I won't do that (to continue a soft rock vein).

    And he shagged Ashley Judd. There is no justice.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    If yer drive down the M4 towards Hammersmith, an over one of the big flyovers, theres a fookin' huuuge poster of that 'nob'ead Bolton, advertisin' one of his fookin' lp's on the top of some buildin', now this posters bin there for aboot four fookin' years, 'an when i used to work in Kingston, i used ter see 'is fookin' ugly mug leerin' at me every fookin' day, in all fookin' weathers, now, if that aint fookin' punishment 'o' some kind, then i don't know what is, havin' the image 'o' that tosser permanently fookin' burned into my subconcious!!!! i tell thee it's not fookin' mint at all!. I 'aint bin that way fer a while now but i bet that fookin' billboard is still there like a fookin' stain on 't' fookin' landscape, fer all to see from fookin' miles around. Christ knows what the local community thought about it?, 'an as far as i can see said fookin' lp looked distinctly fookin' un-funky!!. Dont go there mate, it's a fookin' slippery slope!. and
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