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    i noticed you guys keep mentioning the kings singers, now i though they were some sought of religious crap so i avoided them in the charities, but today i sent my bro on a mission to get me one (i'm ill and off work otherwise i would have gone), he brought me one back namely the kings singers swing, i put the record on and it started a bit dodgy, but all of a sudden there was all these phased vocals, so i grabbed the sleeve to check the track which was 'it don't mean a thing' which included the 'sgt pepper intro' hence of the phased shit, the other half decent funky track was if i didn't care, also nick ingman arranged and conducted a lot of this and roger coulam plays keyboards.

    what other decent kings singers lp's are there?
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    'Captain Noah & His Floating Zoo' (Argo 1972) seems to have a bit of a buzz around it - think it's been charted on the site if you do a quick search. Blighty's probably your man for recommendations of this stuff!
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      Yikes! I have a King's Singers reputation. :biggrin: I got 'Captain Noah' off Lee a little while back and it has a cracking side two. 'Tempus Fugit' has some good tracks too especiually 'Space Oddity' and 'Strawberry Fields' (Nick Ingman). 'Keep On Changing' has a great version of 'Life On Mars'.

      They've done loads of albums most of which seem to be pretty awful and it's really a case of using the 'look for interesting cover versions' tramline. confident bob probably has some knowledge to add.


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        I picked up the 'Captain Noah' LP from a London Oxfam for 99p a couple of weeks ago. It's definitely a nice little album.

        There's a nice breakbeat courtesy of Alf Bigden and some lovely Fender Rhodes work from Steve Gray on some of the tracks on side 2.


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          Yup, Alf Bigden's little breakon that LP is amongst the best I've got, certainly on a UK record. Strange I forgot that when we were discussing breaks in that other thread.

          I believe that it has been sampled by DJ Format (on 'Ill Culinary Behaviour' ?) - who I believe has just moved back into my neck of the woods. Best hope that he's bored of picking over charity shops & car boots, or my halcion days of digging could be over !
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