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  • Tonpress

    Does anyone out there have any info on the Polish label Tonpress?

    I've got a Selected Sound library LP with a few Polish tracks licensed from them, and it seems they did business with a few other libraries on this side of the Iron Curtain in the 70s (Standard and Sonoton, to be precise - did their edition of the Yellow Pages only go up to 'S' or something??) Looks like they gave the tracks new titles in English too.

    So does anyone out there have anything on this label, and is there any chance they could pop the details up here? I spotted Funkoff had a 45, so I wonder if that appeared on a library label in this country?

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    Nope. No library labels in Poland

    Tonpress was another big national label like Muza, Pronit or Wifon. They were releasing everything from records for kids through licensed issues of $$$ artists like Rolling Stones, to classical music but specialized in soundpostcards.

    They're few collectable releases on Tonpress :

        Alex Band "Zderzenie Mysli" (polish Radio & TV group plays funk - great album from 1979)

        that ARP Life 45' that you mentioned

        2 EP's by Novi from late 70's

        Anna Jurksztowicz polish female vocalist lp

        Brygada Kryzys super-rare-polish-reggae-punk lp (communist government destroyed half pressings of that lp)

       & maybe more but its late...

    for more info & almost COMPLETE catalogue of Muza, Pronit, Tonpress, Wifon, Veriton, Savitor, PolJazz, Helicon & rest of polish labels check this out:

    site is in polish but i hope it helps a lot

    what you can consider as a polish library music is stuff by Polish Radio & TV Orchestras from Lodz, Katowice, Poznan & Warsaw and groups like ARP Life (they made soundtracks for polish films in 70's)

    but once again - no library labels in Poland

    I've figured out that there are some other library releases with polish composers & performers (Jerzy Milian, Polish Radio Orchestra) on Apollosound label.
    Thames, Sermad, u heard them ?
    Are they good ?  

    If yes, i'm interested in trades ...

    PS I'm glad that I could help after months of reading posts bout labels, performers, titles & records that i completely know nothing about


    Keep That Funk Alive


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      Some of the apollosound's are very cool. The polish radio orchestra can be pretty funky.

      Here is an old page from my site - I have an updated one but its not online yet.... <- Changed URL


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        Thanks for that, Funkoff&#33; Are the Alex Band connected with Aleksander Malisewski in any way? I&#39;ve heard some of his stuff, and he&#39;s a bit good&#33;&#33; EDIT: Answered my own question, yes they are&#33;

        I wonder how much Tonpress stuff was released as library music over here? Trouble is, they gave the tracks English titles, so it&#39;s hard to tell from the list - very interesting though.

        There&#39;s some very good funky stuff on Apollo Sound, though the actual LPs are quite rare. A lot of their stuff made it onto the BBC test card in the mid/late 70s, including some rather &#39;left-field&#39; choices - I do have to wonder what the daytime audience made of the Polish Radio Orchestra&#39;s &#39;Anxiety&#39;&#33; (Yes, that was used with the test card - I can prove it&#33
        The Apollo Sound stuff made its way to England thanks to Richard Frank and Heinz Herschmann - some of it&#39;s now commercially available on various CDs, the sound quality is a bit duff on some of them, but musically they&#39;re superb.

        Some very nice covers on the Apollo LPs, Sermad - they&#39;d look good on my wall.....