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  • Neopolitan latest funk 45

    hey guys sorry if you seen this link already over at soulstrut but was checking out the neoplitan records website and they got a new release ready. Loved the last one. Anyone got one yet?
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    no I missed the first two! Bugger. If anyone in the big city has spares or knows a shop still with them then shout ok. <- Changed URL


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      You&#39;ve only missed one, Pink Styrofoam - quite nice, blax sounding thing, reminds me of Johnny Pate with the horns, it&#39;s a bit muddy though...

      Gerald had some more in I understand, try him. You can paypal Brent 7 bucks for each one, incl p&amp;p...


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        Sermad - I have a can have it on the house mate&#33; Give me you address and I&#39;ll drop one in the post

        If anyone else needs one I know that a few copies still exist at Lotus Land in Milwaukee ( and a few were sent to Soul Brother in Putney, so you may wanna try there&#33;

        [email protected]


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          This is Brent From Neapolitan
          The first ones gone, the 2nd is out, you can order it from us or Jazzman, Dusty Grooves, and Soul Brother are carrying it. Although only Jazzman is currently in stock. The third one is mastered and will be pressed as soon as we sell a few copies of #2. If you have a fast connection and want a preview of what&#39;s to come, there is a huge(3.5mb) mp3 of the a-side of the yet released 3rd 45 at

          Thanks Brent